10 Questions of the Day

 Questions of the Day

My role is to provoke thought and help you to take the steps needed to jump into your passions and dreams–those God deposited into you years back, or from the beginning of the world. Here are just a few. Maybe you should write your own questions and follow up with answering those questions as well? 1. Will you go ahead and speak it, teach it, write it, photo it, build it, etc. if you are unsure of the scope or grandness of the outcome? 2. What if God is provoking you to do new things? 3. If it requires work, will you give up comfort and leisure to do it? 4. Are you willing to learn new things that will better equip you to do your dream? 5. What if you want to walk on the water and He is calling you out of the boat? 6. What if others think that water-walking is dangerous and unwise? 7. What if others tell you that you won’t make it because it is impossible? 8. What do you already have to work with? 9. Have you already begun your journey? 10. What are your greatest desires in life and do they seem to match up with what God is telling you to do and the natural bent you’ve had from the beginning days of your life? Any feedback? You can comment here or email at annettetrucke@gmail.com 

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