What happens when we quit believing the truth about ourselves, our current meaningful impact, or our future endeavors and hopes? Or, when we forget what God says and our biblical value and position in Christ?

Our flame only flickers.

Our voice is hushed.

Our hope diminished.

Our precious time and impact on the world, minmized.

Our connection to God and others becomes neglected.

We become but a flicker.

Truth comes in many ways. Reminders counter the daily lies we hear or believe which have caused our devaluation.

Truth sets things in order.

Truth feeds our flicker, igniting it into a flame.

Our flames leap to others, sparking, igniting, lighting, warming, fueling, and spreading.

When one’s flame dies down, the energy of others causes our flames to grow.

As much as I love to fan others into flame, I also need truth and encouragement given by others. We all do!

My friend Jessica Kalashnikov melded her photography with prophetic artistry in the photographic art piece above. Often we may hear or read words to embolden us, but when I saw her work it was a spark to set my sparkle off! A reclamation took place as I was reminded who I am, not who I’m not!

It gave me vision, authority, motivation, and fortitude to continue moving forward trusting God with my ample inadequacies and into uncharted waters for myself and other vision-beholders.

May the reader’s flicker turn to flames. Selah!

Annette Trucke

Thank you, Jessica!

Do you desire to

What is Your Oil?

biblical_prophets_Elisha_Widow_OilMore and more I am finding that I have an absolute need to write. As I get some clear picture that I must share or lately if I am feeling like I need to be grounded, I write. It calms me and it gives me something to give away. I like to give but I don’t always have a ready bouquet of flowers or bundt cake to give to whomever will take them. But with this blog, I can give away my words, my thoughts and perspectives, and usually, at least some one person will take them.

I was reading earlier in 2 Kings 4 about Elisha and the widow in debt and in danger of losing her sons because of it. She had one thing, and limited amounts of it but Elisha told her to get every container around and even go borrow some more and fill them up. Her two sons went to collect them and when every last vessel was filled, the oil went dry. The next day the demanding debtor was paid and the rest of the money was for the benefit of the widow and her two sons.

That made me ask God, “What exactly is my oil?” What is it, if I can nail it down to just one thing.

I was busy today and I felt like I needed to write for a moment this evening, for that grounding.  This is what I came up with. My most precious and steadfast commodity is my ability to communicate truth, help/serve, give direction, and lend various skills—along with dosing out Spirit-led encouragements, directed just for the person I am working with. It is my commodity.

I found my oil. And I found it by asking God that question and then later by sitting with my hands readied to write on my computer keyboard it just came out.

What commodity do you have to share, to make money with, to exchange for something important—like your sons’ lives?

And, how can I and Audacious Consulting & Media help you? Maybe you don’t even know what it is that you need help with because you are stuck where you are at—there is help to pull you out and get you moving towards your dreams and destiny!

(A special thanks to Patrice Tsague of The Nehemiah Project for basing his work around this concept. By reading what he will be teaching (and I will be learning) at the next BE 1 class in August (at New Hope Christian College) I went and grabbed my Bible… and then asked the right question.)