“Annette Trucke of Audacious Consulting is extremely resourcefulness and hard working. She takes on a project carefully and gives 200% to it. She’s a woman of her word and helps to bring your dream to life. I’m honored to have worked with her.” ~Sharon Kon/Film Producer/Director
“Annette consults and coaches people from a wealth of experience by living out the “God-sized Dreams” she has had. Her intuitiveness about people and branding will help anyone reach new goals in both their business and in their dreams. Her natural care for people and hospitality to welcome people pours out into her care and attention to detail in her working with them. She is a talented marketing consultant whose work foundation is paired with experience and values. It is a privilege for me to know her and to collaborate with her on different projects.” ~Diane Schwieger, Marketing & Media Specialist
“Annette Trucke’s Audacious Consulting is my go-to business.  I’m a writer, landscape artist, non-profit CEO and a full-time caregiver.  With all these hats in the air I knew it was time for me to get some help or pare down.  Audacious Consulting has allowed me to concentrate on the things I do best.  Annette now handles all the editing and marketing aspects of the book leaving me free to write the next one and even find time start a new series of landscapes.  I cannot say enough about the integrity of this company.  I didn’t think I could afford the help, but the truth is now I cannot afford to be without it.” 
“It’s so important to have confidence and trust in whomever you bring on to help you get to the next level.  I made the absolute right decision in hiring Audacious Consulting.  The biggest mistake small businesses make is trying to do everything themselves.  You need help.  So, for goodness sake, give yourself the best and get back to working on what you love.” ~Linda Bray, Author/Artist,
“Audacious Consulting has been instrumental in my success as a speaker, writer and radio personality.  Annette Trucke, has the ability to write and promote the work God is doing in my ministry while building my confidence.” ~Fay DeMeyer, Host: The FayDay Show & Professional Freedom Development 

“Annette Trucke of Audacious Consulting came into my life several years ago. I had just finished writing a book and was clueless about how to get it published or if I even wanted to.  At our first meeting, she greeted me with a caring smile and open arms. We had an immediate connection, and I knew I could trust her.   Annette graciously took on my project, defined a plan I could follow, and guided and mentored me through the process with poise and confidence. She connected me with additional resources and people that could assist me in my writing journey.  (I have published seven books to date plus have had an abundance of other incredible opportunities because of it!) With her passionate and friendly nature, dedication, and positive energy, she made my dreams come true and, in the process, gained a treasured friendship.  Annette is your go-to person if you need professional consulting. ” Linda K. Richison/Author

“Annette made be feel empowered by acknowledging the purpose in my dream. Having that support and validation, I can envision the completion of my book. Partnering with Annette gives me the confidence to meet this goal.” ~Alisha Charles, Writer, It’s A Purple Day

“Big dreams require a support system. No one makes it to the top without a community people backing them. Audacious Consulting provides such a support system. Annette wears the Barnabas mantle of bridging people to their destinies. I’m one who has been significantly impacted by her services and will gladly sing her praises.”~Soorin Backer, President and Founder of Soorin Backer Ministries & Radio.

“My experience with Annette has brought me so much hope and excitement. Her kindness, insight, and professionalism are remarkable. After my first meeting with her I found myself with a much clearer picture of the steps I need to take to stir my resolve and create movement within my passion and life’s purpose. To find someone so firmly planted in both the business and spiritual worlds is a rare and precious find, indeed, and it was exactly what I needed to follow my dreams in the most holistic way possible. I would highly recommend Annette and her services. She’s a truly excellent influence, guide, mentor, and friend!”~Jennifer Powell, Writer/Artist

“Annette is dedicated and compassionate when it comes to helping others open new doors to their talents and dreams. She is a hard worker and fun to work with. I would highly recommend her to help anyone who needs Professional Consulting.”~ Randy Cooper, Owner, Coop’s Design

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