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Interview with Brian S. Chan by Annette Trucke

February 6, 2017–I’ve always been drawn to it. Most are. Yet, sometimes we lack the context or verbiage to be more aware of what we are drawn to. And then, along with van loads of creative and colorful Hollywood Prayer Network leaders from around the world, I found myself inside a room on a Hollywood studio lot with Brian S. Chan as the lecturer. He brilliantly opened one new window after another: creativity, beauty, joy, God’s delights—not new concepts but new window frames and clarity of vision.

This is why I brought you here in words, to introduce you to someone who is a bit of a forerunner, one who dares not to compete or hold for himself all he has assimilated in life, but one who desires to share. Meet, Brian S. Chan.

In Prayer–Brian S. Chan
  1. When you only have a couple of minutes to let someone know who you are, what do you say?

I am a pastor, professor, speaker on creativity, author, artist, martial artist, fight choreographer, husband, foster and adoptive father, and Lead Creative Steward of Creativity Catalyst.  My life-motto is, “I exist to create beauty.”  I strive for the portfolio of my life to be an agent of God’s beauty in the world.

  1. I heard you speak at an event. It was a shortened seminar which impacted my life. Can you give us a bite of what you taught?

The seminar “Beauty in Story” is about understanding the trans-cultural objective qualities of beauty in the universal plot structure of story, in order to create and seek stories that affect people on a soul-level for the good.

  1. You live in Southern California and lead a full life. What is life like for you in a normal week—you and your family?

My week begins with a Sabbath (Monday). Starting from a point of “rest” to enjoy the work of God means I begin my own work from a source of grace.  Sunday and Tuesday through Friday are my workdays to direct Creativity Catalyst.  I teach at Biola all-day on Friday.  Thursday and Sunday evenings are my kung fu training times with my students, where I run a private, word-of-mouth Wing Chun kung fu studio.  Scattered throughout the week, I have early morning writing times and late night drawing/painting times.  Saturdays are my family days generally, unless there is a work event.  We fully harness the advantages of the Southern Cali life, excursions to the beach, LA Zoo, Long Beach Aquarium, Legoland, Universal Studios, Carlsbad, San Diego, San Diego Safari Zoo, Disneyland, comic conventions, and evening strolls on a greenbelt in the middle of winter. 

  1. Tell us about your books?


The Purple Curtain: Living Out Beauty in Faith and Culture from a Biblical Perspective was a work that emerged from my thesis work at Dallas Seminary and several years of teaching and further research at Biola University.  At the heart of the book is a discovery of God’s beauty that arrests us to love him fervently, be transformed into beauty by his artistry, and be on a quest to create beauty in the world as his stewards of grace.  I feel that this book has been and will always be one of my most meaningful creations in my life.


Not Easily Broken is a novel about a widowed father trying to rescue his abducted daughter while he has his angry teenage son with him.  As a communications engineer by day and a martial arts instructor by night, he will have to employ his skills find his daughter, solve problems and fight against enormous odds.  The story is about how we journey through the valleys of pain in the journey of life.

  1. If you weren’t such a humble guy this question may be easier but what work or accomplishment in the area of living out beauty and/or your faith is the most brilliant (to you)?

This really is a soul-searching question for me, because while some beauty is inherently given, much of beauty has to be fought for.  Creating beauty mirrors God’s work of forging cosmos out of chaos.  Like an artist laboring over a painting, beauty comes with sacrifice, investment, and transformation. I see myself in the thick of this labor, both as someone who is being formed and as one who forms. 

But as this question has prompted me to reflect on particular products in beauty, I feel both my books satisfy “brilliance,” especially The Purple Curtain.  Along with that, are the numerous classes I’ve taught at Biola over the past 11 years on a theology of beauty.  I recall the students who tell me at the end of the semester or years later how much their new understanding of beauty has impacted them.  I have certain teaching lessons on a love for God that are brilliant.  Creativity Catalyst is young and has yet to truly reach brilliance, but the vision for it, which is “to cultivate creativity for the good of human flourishing,” is brilliant and I can’t wait to see it fully manifested.  Lastly and perhaps the deepest for me, foster fathering two baby boys and adopting the second is one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever been given the honor of doing.  Nothing compares to taking these boys from broken conditions and watching them physically and spiritually transform as my wife Ellen and I apply our love, creativity, and nurturance to their healing and growth.  These things are brilliant to me not by the measures of stardom, because nothing I’ve done is famous, but by their resonance with the glory and beauty of God.


  1. What sort of people are really connecting with your message and running with it (along with me)?

I think it’s people like in the film, “The Matrix,” people who having been living life but sense that there’s something else out there, something far more real than the humdrums, facades and norms they’ve faced in daily society, but they just don’t know exactly what it is yet.  My message has been about a true love, a true beauty, and a true redemption – the very things that I believe we yearn for in the depth of our souls.  Christians and non-Christians fit this bill, I found.  I’ve recently come to see myself as Guinan in Star Trek: The Next Generation.  When people come-and-go to my bar, I help to soul-search and point the way.

  1. What is your favorite Bible verse presently?

Matthew 22:37-40: 37 Jesus replied: “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’c i 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’d j 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”k (NIV)

  1. If you had a mic and you wanted to share your main message with 500 million people or so, what would you say?


My main message is about love.  Love makes sense of all things in life and makes all things in life worth it.  Without love, you may have everything but everything is empty.  Love needs an object.  The greatest love that’s most avant garde is not of self, money or even another.  “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind,” said Jesus (Matt. 22:37-40).  Replete throughout the Bible are visionary portrayals, descriptions, and metaphors of God’s beauty.  The Word of God wants you to encounter the beauty of God, that is ultimately manifested in Christ Jesus. There’s a practically spiritual reason for it.  Beauty and love go together like a bee and a sunflower.  The beauty of an object enlivens in us a love for the object.  Love is automatic from beauty.  The discovery of God’s beauty births a fiery love for God.  It’s not unlike finding the love of your life.  When you first recognized the beauty of that person, you couldn’t help but fall madly in love with him or her.  The attraction was like gravity. When love is first, morality, discipline, purity, discipleship, and many other spiritual matters fall into place.  For instance, morality is no longer merely about a list of do’s and don’ts or right and wrong.  Rather, I have a compelling drive to not sin because I love God, and by sinning, I grieve God.  In the same way, I would not cheat on my wife or I would willingly do the dishes, because I love my wife.  When this love for God permeates through all areas of life, whether religious, financial, vocational, relational, or recreational, a love for the Creator who first loved us beyond our imagination becomes the drive and definition for all things we do.  Living then is no longer merely about survival, making ends meet, social accolades, or human accomplishments, even though these things have their values.  Living is about loving.  I love God with my thought-life.  I love God when I get up each morning even when I don’t feel like it. I love God with my finances and possessions.  I love God when I’m having a fight with my wife and angry thoughts enter my head, but I’m compelled to treat her with respect and humbly seek peace.  I love God with my very presence on Earth.  Regular encounters with God’s beauty helps to love God regularly.  In this regularity, a love for God while it is extraordinary becomes our new ordinary.


When the greatest commandment to love God is upheld, the second has to follow – love others as one self.  A love for God spews out from the private, religious realm between me and him to the public, social realm between me and others.  My love for God naturally should foster in me a genuine, selfless love for others.  A love for others is the seed for change in the world.  When we begin with a sincere and radical love for others, be it your neighbor or the hungry child across the world, we embark on a path of healing and redemption for the good of the world.  Without a love for others we seek to better our own private worlds.  With a love for others, we seek to the better the world.  So a fervent love for God has to lead to bettering the world.  These two commandments go together.  If you have a love for God but not others, your love is hypocritical.  If you have a love for others but not God, your love is idolatrous.  These two commands of love, that go together, makes sense of life.  For Jesus said that on these two commands that all the other laws hang (22:40).


The third and last point to drive home is this love for God is supposed to take place on the highest caliber, a love that involves all of your heart, soul and mind.  It’s not a flimsy, seasonal or mediocre love.  It is a love that is passionate, devoted, and relentless. It is a love that we would call, “All-in.”  There is no room for reservations.  This is a love that calls for you to invest yourself, give of yourself and pour yourself with abandon.  You might think this sounds draining.  Assuming you’re in a healthy relationship setting, have you ever fallen totally in love with someone before?  Imagine what it is like?  Or have you seen it in the movies?  No matter how many bouquets you’ve given, how many cards you’ve written, how many favors you’ve done, or how many mixed tapes you’ve made, there will always be one more.  You never tire of it.  That’s the remarkable thing about this love.  Love is about giving of yourself that somehow replenishes you.  Your giving to someone you love fills you with satisfaction and fulfillment.  The most rewarding and soul-satisfying thing you could do in life is to love God.  A fear of love or a reservation to love God leaves us in want.  We can never gain enough in life until we have fully given in love.


A full-surrender kind of love for God will seem insane to the world but will be the most sensible thing to do when you regularly bask in the beauty, glory, honor, and majesty of God.  You find yourself saying, “Of course, I love you.”

  1. Favorite restaurants, beaches, things to do?


At the end of the day, I love playing with my son, connecting with him and watching him laugh.  I look forward to it like it’s both a reward after a day’s journey and as a conclusion that puts a day’s strife into perspective.  I love family days with my wife and son.  A favorite pastime of mine is spending a few hours early in the morning writing fiction over a cup of cappuccino at a warm and creative coffee shop with character (Bricks and Scones, Romancing the Bean, Aroma Café).  I love to draw and paint, allowing my mind to wander, focus, and meditate.  I love practicing Bak Mei Fist (kung fu) in a meadow, at the beach in front of a vibrant ocean, or on my patio in Burbank at sunset.  I love long walks and drives talking to God.

  1. Who are the most influential thinkers (any time period) and relevant cultural influencers presently?


Influential thinkers to me are Augustine, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Martin Luther, Thomas Aquinas, C. S. Lewis, Antony Flew, Timothy Keller, and N. T. Wright.


Present cultural influencers: Makoto Fujimura, Tebow, and Denzel Washington, particularly with some of the films he’s made in the past 10 or so years.

Thank you, Brian for taking time to share with us! I will be re-reading your words, time and again as others will be also, I am quite sure. Blessings to you and yours! ~Annette Trucke

You can connect with Brian’s work on BrianSeeChan.com  and follow his blog,  connect and follow in social media, and buy his books! 



Chris Covell


Hollywood, CA

October 5, 2016~I met Chris while in Hollywood earlier in 2016. I attended a movie screening at a studio lot which included two of his movie shorts and I fell head-over-heals for his bobble-head characters, as did the audience! (You’ll have to see for yourself!—There is a link below.) We both were attending a Hollywood Prayer Network Summit where he was also behind the camera recording the event, behind the scenes helping to pull off a stellar gathering, and I think  he also had the pleasure of chauffeuring one of the loaded 12 passenger vans around the Hollywood and back and forth to LAX. 

His mother, Karen Covell is the founder of Hollywood Prayer Network (HPN) and a successful Hollywood producer and Chris’ father has a rewarding career in composing music for movies and television. So, Chris has grown up as a Hollywood insider, having perspectives many of us don’t.

To the interview we go!

  1. Chris, you and I have chatted about screen writing just a bit and about your movie shorts but the readers and I would like to know about “who” you are. Will you give us a quick bio?

(His professional bio) Christopher Covell is a writer/director who lives in Hollywood, California. His interest in filmmaking began in 8th grade after writing an essay about Steven Spielberg for his English class. His new passion motivated him to start writing and directing films, leading him to founding film club in High School.

Christopher then spent four years at Chapman University in the Dodge Film School, where he earned a BFA in Film Production with an emphasis in Directing and Screenwriting. He is now actively pursuing a career as a filmmaker.

Some films that have had a large influence on Christopher’s personal life and filmmaking style include: It’s a Wonderful Life, Lawrence of Arabia, The Godfather, and E.T. His favorite directors are Frank Capra, Billy Wilder, Steven Spielberg, David Lean, and Woody Allen.

  1. If asked, what would those closest to you think are your best assets, skills, traits? Have some fun here!

Those closest to me would say my best skills are in bringing a fun and joyful atmosphere to wherever I go. I love people and I love when my friends and I come together to be creative. So when I’m on a film set or in a group of my friends, I just naturally get lively and want to spread as much fun and laughter as I can.

  1. Will you share with us some of your dreams for the future and how they are already coming into play—if they are?

In the future, I want to direct epic feature films. David Lean (the director of “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Doctor Zhivago”, and “Bridge on the River Kwai”) is one of the most influential directors to me and I would love one day to make films as epic and monumental as he did. Lean was a very visual storyteller and relied on gorgeous vistas and sweeping cinematography to help tell his stories, so I’m currently learning as much as I can on how to be a visual storyteller in hopes that I can one day make films like him.

  1. What are your favorite all time movies and television series? What are your favorite elements about them?

My favorite film of all time is It’s a Wonderful Life because it shows the value of every human being – that no matter how small we might feel, each and every one of us serves an important role in our world. This is an incredibly encouraging theme to me which helps me to keep going if ever I feel like I’m not being a valuable contribution to the people around me. I hope one day that I can make a film with an inspiring and uplifting theme like this one which will provide as much hope to others as this “It’s a Wonderful Life” has given to me.

My favorite TV show of all time is Breaking Bad because it’s an amazing character study of a man who slowly transforms into a monster. I love deep and complex characters – and I love trying to figure out a character while watching them change throughout the course of a story. (This is something that David Lean does really well.) And for me, Breaking Bad is one of the best examples I can think of that shows an unbelievably complex character who changes through seasons of drama, conflict, and emotion.

  1. With how we view programs and movies ever-changing, do you see any trends that are just now opening up that those of us, not paying attention, may not, yet?

The trend that I see surging through the film world more than others is the idea of films focusing on strong, female leads. For years, female characters have (for the most part) been given roles in films that aren’t as “interesting” or “deep” as the roles that men have been given. And because this has been the case for so long, more and more I’m finding viewers who long for films with female protagonists who are just as strong and interesting as the male characters. And I think that in the next handful of years, we’re going to continue seeing more big-budget films with women as the leads. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a great example of this (with Daisy Ridley serving as the protagonist) and because of her amazing portrayal as the lead, the film has received lots of praise.

  1. When you have free time what do you like to do?

In my free time, I love watching movies and writing scripts. Movies have always been a big part of my life, and in a certain sense, they also serve as my drug. If I go more than a week without having watched a movie, I start twitching and HAVE to find time to watch one (or two or three) to help “fill me up” again. I also love to create and am always thinking about what my next film is going to be. Because of this, I’m always writing and never find myself bored with nothing to do – since there is ALWAYS a new story to tell.

  1. What is your favorite So Cal beach?

El Matador beach in Malibu, California is my favorite beach. With huge, epic rocks rising up from the sand and sea caves peppered throughout, it’s one of the most striking and visual beaches I can think of. I’ve also shot a movie on that beach about two pirates deserted on a “tropical island.” =D

  1. In Hollywood what are your favorite restaurants?

In-N-Out is easily my favorite restaurant. I can somehow manage to always eat there, always get the same order, and yet never get tired of it. (And as a broke, post-college student, I really appreciate the low prices, haha.) It’s quite honestly one of the best creations we have here on earth!

  1. Tell us about your faith and how it plays a part of your career path.

I’ve been a Christian for as long as I can remember and I feel that my faith and relationship with Jesus is getting stronger every year. I see Hollywood as a mission field, and I hope that I can help use my faith in God to spread His love to the people/filmmakers living here. So many people in Hollywood need the love of Christ and I hope that I can play some part in spreading that love by living here and surrounding myself with the people who need God the most.

  1. Are you part of any ministries and/or a church? Can you describe how you see God’s involvement in the entertainment industry?

I’m currently a member of a church in Hollywood called “Reality LA”, which is mostly made up of 20-30 year olds in the entertainment industry – so I fit in rather nicely. I’m also a part of a Wednesday night church/community group through Reality LA, so I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by a great Christian community. With so many young, Christian filmmakers around me, I’m encouraged to see this next generation of people (like me) who are both talented in their field and have a strong love for God. If we can all stay strong in our faith and continue to find work here in Hollywood, I can’t wait to see what kind of an impact this Christian community will have on this city!

  1. I hand you a mic and I say, share your heart for Hollywood and you say_________________.

…and I say that the people who are living here in Hollywood need to be loved just as much as anyone else out there in the world – they don’t need to be judged, for that’s not our place to do so. And because the films and TV shows that are coming out of here are so incredibly influential throughout the entire world, I see this place as the ULTIMATE spot to spread love to the people here.

  1. I give you the mic once again and tell you to share a two minute or less message or topic you would love the whole world to hear. What would it be? It can be a soapbox message, rant, or a profound message, or whatever you’d like!

Well, I just happen to be one of the world’s biggest Disneyland fans. In fact, I consider Disneyland to be like a second home to me – it’s a place where I see happiness abounding from everyone and it serves a magical, fantasy haven resting joyfully within our conflict-ridden world. So if I had to give any message, it would probably be Walt Disney’s message on the opening day of Disneyland. =)

  1. Is there anything you would like to add?

How about this? “To all who come to this happy place; welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past…and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and the hard facts that have created America…with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.” Have a magical day!

My website – which includes most of my films: http://christophercovell.com

Links to two films not on my website:

Mr. Lincoln’s Christmas – https://vimeo.com/142305895

When Abe Met Mary – https://vimeo.com/166099586

Thank you so much for the interview, Chris! I pray you your hearts desires to be met and shared in the land of Hollywood! 😉 Annette Trucke/Ubiquitous Magazine

Hillsong’s Let Hope Rise—The Movie

In Theaters September 16, 2016


September 15, 2016–As part of the movie release team I was asked to choose one song which is significant to me from the soundtrack of the movie, Hillsong: Let Hope Rise.

The task took me to task! Yet, the often played “Ocean” (with over 68 million views on YouTube) is not only my favorite but it appears, a favorite of the masses.

The ocean theme and being called out by God to “walk on the waters,” resonates deeply with me. It feels like much of life has been, “Trust Me Annette–We can do this thing.” My trust has had to adapt to knowing I am not alone and I will go to Him as He calls. I want the “trust without borders” which comes from “in the presence of our Savior” and the “take me deeper than my feet can ever wander”—a string of lyrics going to the core of my walk with God.

I’m sure you’ve heard some of Hillsong’s music but this movie experience will take you to a whole other level of worship and focus, I’m more than confident our hope levels will rise, just as the title declares!

The film explores Hillsong’s humble beginnings and astonishing rise to prominence as an international church whose songs are sung every Sunday by more than 50 million people worldwide.

The movie comes out in theaters September 16th, 2016–go experience it!

~Annette Trucke

Backstory Trailer

I will be giving away the soundtrack for Hillsong: Let Hope Rise along with two tickets to see the movie! Details coming right up!

Jess Rivas & Elisheba Haxby

Authors of: Ninety-Nine (99)

Book Launch 9/9/2016


 on Amazon.com

Released 9/9/2016

The Authors of Ninety-Nine

Elisheba Haxby is passionate about worship, prayer and writing. She is the wife of a devoted husband and mother to four wonderful children. She is working on a degree in psychology and has a heart for the downtrodden. Her heart’s calling is to help raise awareness about mental illness and bring transformation to the current mental health system.


Jess Rivas loves using creativity to bring others closer together. After getting his first taste of story writing in middle school, he continued to write blogs on jessrivas.com, and was first published in Live magazine. He founded abovethesun.org as an avenue to bring heaven to earth through creativity and help others do the same. When not writing, he enjoys traveling the world and meeting new people.


The Interview

  1. The obvious question begging the answer, how did you two decide and come up with the idea for Ninety-Nine?

For 11 years, Jess carried the idea about a broken female lead, who journaled a lot. He struggled for a time to write from this young woman’s perspective before God told him it wasn’t his story. Years later God began to speak to Elisheba about journaling more and turning what she wrote into a fictional story. Their ideas merged and nine months later, the rough draft of Ninety-Nine was complete.

  1. What made you consider writing a book together? That’s not the easiest thing, I imagine. 

Elisheba was always inspired by Jess’s creativity and Jess was looking for someone to write with. Jess had started several stories at this point and hadn’t finished them. Elisheba had the kind of personality that pushed things through to completion. Writing a book together wasn’t easy. It’s kind of like raising a child. Sometimes there are differing opinions on how it should be done and sometimes we did but heads, but in the end we have a better book because of the process. 

      3. How do did you share the writing process? What did it look like?

For the most part, one person writes the bulk of the scene and then has the other go over it and make appropriate changes. There were times when they would write scenes together and those ended up being some of their favorites.

  1. It takes a lot of boldness to write a book AND promote it. I see you two are doing a book launch party and lots of fun promotional work. How did you get so audacious? 

Both of them experienced that fiction can change lives and touch hearts. Jess and Elisheba believe the message in the book will do just that. They don’t love the marketing side but understand the importance of it so the message of the story gets out.

  1. I heard, that the story is not over with Ninety-Nine. Do tell…

Readers have already approached Jess and Elisheba about wanting more of the characters in Ninety-Nine. With their own thoughts on this and hearing their readers, they have plotted out the next two books in the series. They even have some of the second book written. They aren’t sure of a finish date yet.

  1. While I give people an opportunity to share about what it is they do and what they are up to, I like to get a little deeper still. Do either one of you have a big-hairy audacious-dream you’d like to share?

They’re working on a publishing/author-consulting company through Abovethesun.org. Also they would like to see Ninety-Nine on the big screen.

  1. Now, one of you take the “mic” and share the topic or a two minute message to the entire world (yes, it will be translated).

Elisheba is working with a group called Treasure Hunters to bring awareness about mental illness and to bring transformation to the current mental health system. Her message would stem from that and present hope!

Jess is passionate about creativity and connection. He’d love to see the body (of Christ) in greater unity and feels that working together on creativity is an important step in the process. His message would stem from these passions.

  1. One writer’s tip? 

Educate yourself. The rules of writing are important to follow. Unless… you have a good reason for breaking them.  

You can join Jess Rivas and Elisheba Haxby on 9/9/2016 to celebrate, purchase, and their book…and eat cake! Here is the invitation link from Facebook. See you there! ~Annette Trucke

Ubiquitous Magazine


Paul May 



Paul May

August 25, 2016~Like most people, I love to laugh and Paul May, comedian, makes that happen! The funny guys don’t always have it so easy, though. What does it take to make a career in comedy—clean comedy even? Let’s find out!

  1. Are all comedians tortured as children? Seriously, well maybe, what was your childhood like?

Well, I am originally from KC Missouri, but my father died in a work related accident when I was three. A few years later my mom met the man who really has been the only father that I have ever known, and we settled in his home town. I kid you not, it was home of the one blinking light! You blink! You miss it! So as you can imagine living in a small town, I had to get real creative to entertain myself.

      2. When did you discover you loved to make people laugh? Was that at the same time that you discovered you were funny?

Anytime that I made my mom laugh was special to me. She had went through the hardship of having me at a young age, the trauma of losing a husband, and almost dying herself when her appendix ruptured. Then quite honestly at school! I was the class clown and I took that job very seriously!

  1. I take it you are an adult, since you have a wife. How much of your adult life has been spent working at comedy?

Stand-up comedy is recently new to me, but I have been doing sketch comedy since my freshman year in college and that was (cough, cough) in 1991.

      4. How and where have you trained and honed your skills?

Just experience, getting out there and doing it. I have always had a grow as you go mentality. Just like with stand-up, my sketches always went through an evolution process. You would do a bit or a sketch, and overtime new things come to mind, that you add, or an improv moment happens on stage that just kills, and you are like…welp! I will definitely be adding that to my bit now!

  1. If someone said, drop and give me 100 or tell me an impossible not to laugh at joke, what joke would you tell? Or…would you do the 100?

I would drop and give you a 100 because I need the workout and then I would tell them come to my comedy show. I don’t work for free! Lol. My jokes have to get my kids through college! Ha!

  1. You do comedy that one won’t be embarrassed by while sitting by their mother, right? (At least because of the content of your material.) You have a mission to share laughter, if I am correct. Share your thoughts about “clean” comedy, please.

Yes, my comedy is clean because I have the moral obligation as a Christ-follower. Being clean makes you have to work hard at your craft. Your material has to be solid if you want to be able to keep their attention. My material works for both comedy clubs as well as churches, because my content is all about the funny things that happen in life in general. That is something that we all can relate to.

  1. Who are your top five favorite comedians of all time?

Oh Man! I have some old-school and new-school. I guess the first two would not fall under stand-up comedians, but their comedy was off the chart! And that is Tim Conway and Don Knotts! I have not met a soul that does not like those two! I always liked Don Rickles and his sarcasm. I am a big fan of Brian Reagan. And of course you cannot go wrong with Jerry Seinfeld.

       8. If you could trade shoes and careers with any comedian who would it be?

Probably Jerry. He  has had the best of both worlds doing stand-up as well as a sitcom!

  1. Do you have some big hairy audacious goals? If so, would you like to share them?

Who would not want an opportunity on the Tonight Show, then that would lead to me doing a sitcom! Lol!

  1. Tell us about your family and your life in 2016. Where do live? What do you do for fun? Children? Pets?…

I have a beautiful wife of 21 years, with two boys, ages 13, and 10.  We love adventure–roller coasters, camping trips, etc! We are HUGE Star Wars fans!!! We have a spoiled- rotten-pathetic cat named, “Banjo.”

  1. You get two minutes to share a valuable message with the world—the whole world (translators will take care of the language barriers). What would you say or at least what would the topic be?

No one is getting out of this world alive. So don’t fix your eyes on the things that are temporary and fleeting, but fix your eyes and live for the things that are eternal. 2 Cor. 4:18.

     12. If you had one life-hack to share, what would it be?

If I could just figure out the “Star Trek” technology to beam myself from one place to the other for my events. Then I would not have to mess with airports or traffic!

  1. You have some fun talking about marriage, tell us your secrets to a happy marriage.

Easy. “Yes Dear.”

  1. Anything else you would like to add?

No thank you. I was terrible at math!

  1. Why and how does one book you?

The explanation is here!

Why should you book me? Out of pity really. For my wife’s sanity (she receives peace and tranquility when I am away) and so I do not have to sell any of my kids on Ebay.

For booking go to paulmaycomedy.com You can also connect through the social media avenues of facetwittergrambook.

Thanks for your time Paul!

~Annette Trucke

Ryan LeStrange

Revivalist, Apostle, Prophetic Voice

Social Media Phenomena

Ryan LeStrange headshot

Though I haven’t had Ryan LeStrange on my radar for very long it is apparent that he has become a major prophetic voice, walking this out as a revivalist with an apostolic anointing. His voice is carried via all forms of media with an especially huge impact in social media–I think 70,000 plus followers.

As I watched a video with Ryan teaching not long ago his message rang true like His message. Now after watching many days’ worth of videos on Facebook I see he is well aligned with the Word of God and that he is a forerunner for our time. He is in tune with what God is doing among His people right now and seemingly unafraid in his walk with Jesus.

Thank you for taking time out of your (very) busy schedule to let Ubiquitous Magazine readers know you a tad. I hope we can pull out fresh revelations, gold nuggets of wisdom, inspiration that propels people forward…and have some fun!

  1. Who would your wife, Joy, say you are?

I think she would say that I am a hardworking, radical Kingdom warrior who loves Jesus and my family. She would also tell you that there is another side of me that loves to laugh, joke and go on great adventures. A lot of people see the passionate side of me traveling, preaching the gospel and doing kingdom exploits but I also embrace the adventure of life—I love soaking in every moment and each experience. I view life as a journey and do my best to learn from each experience.

Ryan and Joy LeStrange

  1. When did you realize you were destined to full-time ministry work—that it would indeed be your life work?

When I was 16. I had come from a background of real bondage and oppression. The enemy had targeted me and set me up on so many levels but I had a radical encounter with God that turned it all around. I was raised by a hardworking single mom—we did not know Jesus! We knew religion, but not Jesus. When I discovered the love of God and His power it turned my whole life around.

I was sitting in a service when I was 16 and newly born again. I heard a voice say: “I have called you.” I looked to see who this voice was talking to! There was no way it was me because I was unqualified and unable—-haha!!! That is how I saw myself but one thing that I have learned is that Jesus does not look at us the way that we see ourselves. He sees us through His love and His promise. I realized that day that there was a plan that was so much bigger than me. It was a double-edged sword!!! On the one hand The God of all creation was calling me to work with Him and for Him! There is no greater privilege. On the other hand, He was asking for my life—abandonment of all my plans, dreams and ideas. It took me awhile to process through that. Eventually I ended up in Bible college preparing for the call. It was a magnificent turning point!

  1. One doesn’t just arrive when we walk with Jesus, but rather we are always growing, hitting new dimensions perhaps, but never just arriving. Will you share some of your story with critical insertion points of change?

I had a terrible attack from a spirit of fear that began as a child. I actually wrote about this in my new book, Overcoming Spiritual Attack that is releasing in September 2016. I really had to press in to get free from that bondage as well as other things the enemy had done in my life. So many people walk around in a haze and don’t realize the reality of the spirit realm. In my book I identify eight simple symptoms that diagnose a spiritual attack and then give the insight to break it and overcome! This is a must for every person. You have to see the attack and rise above it.

I had to deal with feeling inadequate when God first launched me in the ministry. I don’t think God ever calls you to do something that you feel like you have it all figured out! There is a real step of faith in each level of the journey. I learned to rely on the wisdom of God. I began to lead a Bible college at 20 years old because I had great mentors that loved me and believed in me. This is one key, to “Find Your Tribe” and get there, get planted and get equipped. Atmospheres matter! The same seed will have a different result in the wrong atmosphere. So many people do not realize this principle. Where you are and who you are with matters a lot! There is no time to waste. Everything that you have and everything that you are is a seed.

Each step in my life required trust, obedience and surrender. That is really what this journey is about—surrender. Jesus walked in great power because He was greatly surrendered. So many want the power but they don’t want to surrender. There is a lesson there!

       4. Tell us, how do you handle ministry needs and pressures? Do you have a team? Is it just you and your wife?

I have a great team not only working with me but also long term friends and close family. We are all in! We give 100%.

There are pressures in any form of leading. There are really two types of pressure. Pressure within and pressure without! There are pressures on the outside—betrayals, budgets, deadlines, storms—etc. You have to learn to walk by faith and not be moved by these things. The Apostle Paul said: “None of these things move me!” This is one of my goals in life—to be so planted in God that I am not moved by what I see or experience because His word is more real to me than this natural realm. We are called to conquer the natural realm with the spirit realm. We have to learn to live in the spirit dimension and overcome the natural realm! Then there are pressures within—internal struggles. The Bible says that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. We must get our emotions healed. We have to learn to invite the healing power of Jesus into our minds. Your mind can really get you in trouble if you do not renew it.

I also believe that it is important to unplug sometimes! You need to rest your body and mind. You need to do something that you enjoy. That goes a long way in maintaining your strength. Again, having good people in your life helps as well. You need a strong inner circle that love you and are honest with you.

  1. Speaking of your wife, what would you say are the keys to keeping up a healthy marriage when you are in this kind of visible ministry?

Priorities! You have to set boundaries. You have to say no to the pressures of people and to demands. You actually have to schedule down time and make it a priority. I learned early on that you must invest in your relationships. By no means am I perfect in this area! My wife would tell you that I often overcommit.

Investing in your marriage, keeping good communication and really sharing the experiences of life together are key. We have built a solid marriage over many years but it took work, dedication and God’s power.

  1. Do you have children? If so, do you see them following into a fulltime ministry lifestyle?

I have one son-Joshua. He is passionate, talented and creative. He is already helping in ministry.

  1. I hand you a microphone and give you two minutes to share your life message with every person on the planet, what would you say?

I would say that God has a HUGE plan for each of you. No matter how you started you can end well. There is no time to waste. God wants to fill you with power, set you ablaze and send you forth.

  1. What is your favorite way to spend your free time?

Just enjoying my family with a meal at home, or going out and doing something fun. The main thing is time with the ones that I love. I am also a huge coffee lover! If you follow me on social media you will see lots of pictures of coffee drinks. Exploring new coffee shops is one of my favorite things to do.

  1. You travel quite a bit, what geographical locations speak to your spirit and soul?

California, Arizona and the Western USA are deep in my heart because I was born there. I love the contrast of the rugged mountains and then the amazing Pacific Ocean. I also thoroughly enjoy Florida. I feel such rest on the coast of Florida. When I travel from place to place I pick up the prophetic destiny of each region so there are spiritual mandates that I sense. California is a great prophetic territory with so much rich heritage of revival. Florida is a Forerunner state that has hosted so many moves of God and is primed. Arizona has such a unique revival DNA and is a place where God is truly doing a new thing. I live in Virginia and there is such a governing, apostolic anointing on the east coast of the USA.

  1. Where do you see God leading you and your ministry in the next 10 years? Does He show you things in advance or do you walk it all out with in faith day-by-day, hearing Him?

I want to give a generation permission to pursue radical New Testament Christianity with tremendous signs, wonders, glory and miracles! I want to identify and raise up a new breed. I want to be a part of fueling revival and awakening on a global scale. I want to keep producing cutting edge media with a prophetic message. I also want to partner to build Revival Hubs and Apostolic Centers and to raise up a strong training/equipping base to impact nations.

  1. If you were, and maybe you are, a bucket-lister, what would be a crazy one at the top of the list?

I feel like I have already visited so many of the places on my bucket list! That is a tough one. I once traveled to seven nations in three weeks—I would like to break that record. I would also like to do something wildly creative and impact culture—like write a best seller or win an Emmy for something on TV!

  1. We know everyone has to go through difficulties and struggles, like the Apostle Paul and the thorn in the flesh. Do you have anything you would like to share here?

I have had many. Probably letting things bother me too much—not properly processing. In the early days of my journey I battled a lot, but overcame!

  1. Just for fun…Favorite food? Favorite coffee? Favorite type of dog?

Favorite food is great Italian food! Favorite coffee is a really good latte! I have a dog that we love named Zoey. She is a Maltipoo—Maltese Poodle mix!

Ryan LeStrange Coffee

Preview Ryan’s new book here!


Connect with Ryan LeStrange on Twitter @RyanLeStrange

and Facebook at facebook.com/ryanlestrangeministries!

Ryan LeStrange Ministries

P.O. Box 16206

Bristol VA 24209



Kathi Pelton

Writer, Author, Speaker, Prophetic Prayer Leader and Voice to the Nations

Eugene, OR

Released: August 9, 2016

Pelton Kathi and Jeff

  1. I first read your name and words on the ElijahList as one of their monthly contributing prophetic writers. Since you have lived in Oregon I have gotten to know you a bit–I would like to have some fun and aim at “‘Who’ is Kathi Pelton aside from ‘what’ she does in ministry?” I know it is often hard to pull what we do from who we are, but give it your best shot! Who are you, Kathi?

Mainly I am a wife, mom and grandma. My greatest passion is my family and seeing them thrive. I love to sow into them in every way that I can. I have four grown children (all in their 20’s); two are married and one has a three year old son and a three week old son. My son-in-law and daughter-in-law are as much my children as my own.

I have been married for 33 years (as of September) and Jeff truly is my “better half.”  He is one of the most caring, loving and attentive husbands ever! He also is an amazing chef, editor, musician and writer. His heart is always to serve. Amazing!

  1. You are a prolific writer and an author. How many years have you been publishing articles?

I began publishing articles over 15 years ago. My first was for The Elijah List and I still write for them today.

  1. Do you write every day of the week? What is your writing time like?

Yes, although sometimes take weekends off or if we have a busy travel schedule it can be hard to get time to write. I begin each morning by asking the Holy Spirit what is on His heart today and as I pray in the Spirit and wait in a place of quieting my soul, He always speaks. I always begin with a single word or phrase that I hear Him saying and then begin to write. The moment I begin in faith the words just flow from His Spirit into mine and onto the page. 

  1. Where can readers find your writing?

The most consistent place is my public Facebook page (readers can LIKE it and follow my writings). I also have a blog called Oceans in the Desert which can come in your emails when you sign up.

Oceans in the Desert is our blog site. Our main ministry website which publishes my writings (not all) and our itinerary is www.inscribeministries.com . They can also see my writings on The Elijah List (some) or Spirit Fuel, Global Prophetic Network also publishes my writings.

  1. You published your first book in 2015, correct? Will you tell us about it?

I released my first book (first in a series) called “30-Days to Breakthrough: Peace” The book was birthed from a question that the Spirit asked me, “Kathi, what is the main source of the warfare that you have experienced in your life?” I tried my best to answer and yet with each answer I heard only silence. Finally, I stopped answering and asked Him for the answer. At that point He clearly said, “Daughter, the main source of your warfare is not circumstantial, as you have thought, but it is from a lack of peace. If you had peace in every circumstance then you would not have felt the warfare.”

Wow, those words set me on a Spirit-led journey to live in the peace that He promises. It was an amazing journey preparing the book. I used stories along with scriptures and daily activations and declarations which usher the reader through a 30 day journey to establish peace in their lives. I have received many testimonies of this book turning lives that were caught in fear and chaos into a place of peace. I am now writing the next one in the series.

  1. In case someone wants to take you out to coffee or bring you one, what is your favorite type?

My favorite is a Soy Chai Latte with no water. (Okay, people, you heard it!)

  1. You and Jeffrey have traveled extensively. We will explain why in a moment but, tell us two places on earth that were the most amazing, and why?

Munich, Germany and Japan are my favorites. I love England and Canada. My dream places to go which I haven’t visited yet are Italy and France.

  1. The big question, “What do you do?” Please explain your ministry and what you are involved in.

Our three focuses are encouraging God’s people to walk in the truth and His love through prophesy, writing, speaking and prayer.  Pelton Inscribe image

And second, to walk with nations and people groups to be restored to God’s original intent for them.

We work with both national and global teams to travel nations and follow step-by-step what the Spirit speaks to us to do. www.watchmen.org Pelton crowd of people

Third is prayer and prophetic intercession. We believe that God uses prayer to change individuals as well as nations. We are currently establishing a HOME House of Prayer Network that will cover North America with home prayer groups that gather to pray for our nation and continent. We will offer training and support for each house of prayer group that commits to gather weekly.  Pelton Logo house of prayer

  1. You have a huge following from social media and the outlets you write for. Do you receive a lot of emails and messages asking for prayer or advice, words and wisdom? How do you handle prayer requests when they start mounting up?

I get hundreds of emails from people. I try to (eventually) answer them all. I so honor those who follow us and take the time to write to me. I always answer their questions with both a sense of what the Lord is speaking to me for them and with the truth of His Word put together, then with a personal note.

Our financial partners are very dear to our hearts as we understand the honor they are showing us and the personal sacrifice they are giving. We correspond with our partners personally on a regular basis in order to pray for them and support them in whatever way they need. This is very high on our priority list.

  1. If you could share only one insight that may be transformational to someone, one which would bring them peace, hope, direction…what would that be?

Our God is good! He is never changing, never shifting and always surrounding us. His ways are perfect and as we yield to His ways we begin to experience His pattern of loving kindness that encircles us through the good times and the hard times.

Thank you for taking time for us, Kathi! You are an immeasurable blessing. ~Annette



“Our human eyes see a desert but our spirit eyes see an ocean.”


Marina McLean
Dr. Marina McLean

July 5, 2016–I first met Dr. Marina McLean at an annual CWIMA Conference in Dallas, Texas a few years ago. Since then, through the connective tissue of CWIMA and social media, I have gotten to know her and thought she would make a fantastic interviewee. I have repeatedly been struck by her enthusiasm for life and passionate pursuit of God. Dr. Marina and her husband, Dr. Renny McLean are a powerful ministry team. Take time to watch some of the videos from their ministry–they are transformational!

Here is the interview:

1. If I were to ask your husband to sum up in single words who his wife is, what words would he use?

Joyful. Creative. Persistent.Unique.

I concur from my perspective, as well!

2. Can you give the readers an idea of what you do in ministry and media?

In ministry I am a keynote speaker, worship leader, song writer, and recording artist. I love social media, and I am one of the administrators for all our platforms of social media. You can find us on, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube, Apple TV, Roku, Vimeo, Sound Cloud, and Lightsource.com

3. Life goals?

I am adventurous, and my life goal is to inspire people around the world by consistently presenting a God of the Now.

4. Best life-hack advice for the readers?

Follow or stay in contact with someone that is successful in doing what you want to become.  Know the upside and downside of your craft. Research and resources are the best tools to constantly challenge and improve yourself.

 5. Tell us about your family? (And yes, you can brag a bit. *smile*)

My husband Renny McLean is an author, keynote speaker, holds several doctorates, and a PH.D. My oldest daughter Maranatha is a medical doctor waiting to start her residency. My son Caleb, my middle adult child is a vocal major and track champion; he works for our ministry and sings with the Dallas Symphony Chorus. My youngest is Zoe; she will be a senior at Dallas University and her major is in broadcasting.

6. Where and how do you and Dr. McLean minister? (Church, conferences, on the mission field, media, etcetera?)

Dr. Renny and I are both itinerant ministers. We travel all over the United States being keynote speakers in different cultures and denominations. We oversee churches that have come into covenant with us, both here in the US and internationally. We also host three conferences a year in our city of Dallas, Texas.

 7. If you could be found eating at a favorite type of restaurant, what kind would it be and in what city? (No one shall stalk you though, right readers? *smile*)

We have found the most amazing restaurants all over the United States. My husband loves steak, so it would be Morton’s in Chicago. I love fish so it would be Eddie V’s in Miami.

8. You are in a taxi and you are led to share Jesus with someone…I understand that you would be led by Him, but how do you love strangers and let them know about the love of Jesus? Is there a common thread?

Hello, do you know the Lord? (There response is no.) I have known the Lord for over 30 years, and He has seen me through some hard times. Are you experiencing a hard time in your life and you don’t have answers for it? (I would wait for the response.)

My friend there is a peace that you can experience that will help you face the toughest challenges and bring you through. (I would find a testimony of what the person is walking through to make that personal connection.) Let me pray with you right now so that you can know Jesus as your personal Savior. I always end in prayer.

9. You always look beautiful and so together. If you were to choose shopping for one of the following for yourself–like with birthday money, which would it be: clothing, jewelry, shoes, purses/bags, make up, or fragrances?

I love pampering myself because I travel and work so hard. So it is usually a day at the spa with girlfriends. I love to share my rest period with good friends. Then shop for a dress, shoes, and a bag to match.

10. On the serious side again, what is one of your life scriptures and why?

“While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.”  2 Corinthians 4:18

This has been my foundational scripture for the 36 years that I’ve been a Christian. It sums up the path that I’ve had to walk, and the faith to keep going. We have lived a life that is challenging, fast pace, consistently changing, and the foundation to all of it is my ability to see beyond what is in front of me.

 11. May I ask you to offer a prayer for those reading this article?

Father, I thank you for the lives this magazine touches; the faces we can’t see; the voices we will never hear; and the sighs of relief that come from a word of encouragement.

Yet, in the midst of all that they are facing you know their name, and their hearts and desires. I speak peace to everything that they are facing; strength to overcome; joy to look for new things and the love of God to be their force in a world full of distractions.

Be blessed this day as you remain faithful in the work of the kingdom.

 Thank you Dr. Marina for taking time out of your busy life for an interview! May your heart’s desires be fulfilled!  

Annette Trucke

Ubiquitous Magazine


If you would like to be part of this platform expanding magazine, email me! Annette Trucke– AnnetteTrucke@gmail.com

Steve Granitz
Cloris Leachman, Al Pacino Honored with 35th Annual AFI Life Achievement Award – Arrivals Kodak Theater Hollywood, California USA  Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage.com

It was my pleasure to connect with Cloris Leachman for a brief interview. As I did my pre-interview research by screening a couple episodes of her latest work, I was, as I told her, first struck by her beauty–which she has carried throughout her life. But she won’t be pigeon-holed by only her beauty (even though she was a beauty queen); she is an incredible critically acclaimed and award winning actress—an American icon. What an honor to interview such an accomplished woman who has entertained most all of us in her roles on television and the big screen in her prolific career!

Her first response so resonates with me and hopefully, you as well!

Q: What is your single most important and prominent gift to humanity in your perspective, as in passions, talents, investments, influence, projects, etc.?

A: I just do what I love.  If someone finds their passion through my own, then that’s wonderful!

Q: At this point in your career, do parts come and find you or do you have an active agent?

A: I have an agent, but at this point in my life and career, roles often make their way towards me.

Q: What role over the years was your favorite? I can think of several but the most hysterical to me was your role on Malcolm in the Middle. Was that a fun one?

A:  I loved working with Bryan Cranston on Malcolm. Many roles come to mind.  I think my favorite role was probably when I played May Lemke in The Woman Who Willed a Miracle. I was entirely responsible for the child’s life and I knew what to do every second along the way; I’m a mother so it’s second nature.

Q: Without giving things away, will you tell me about the storyline of The Eleventh and your character in particular?

A: The Eleventh is a about a young girl’s journey to fulfill her mother’s last wish – to get to know and reconcile with her estranged grandmother, Margaret. We watch as a family tries to bring closure to the past through truth, forgiveness, and ultimately, love. Many people don’t get the chance to resolve old wounds. I think many people can relate to this story in one way or another. I play Margaret- she’s a strong (and maybe stubborn) woman. She faces a lot things you have to deal with as you get older, not many shows show you that.

Read more about Cloris Leachman on the IMDb and most especially watch her latest series, The Eleventh, which I love!

Thank you, Cloris for your time!

Annette Trucke


soorin headshot

Soorin Backer of Soorin Backer Ministries, is an author, speaker, radio host, and minister. Knowing Soorin Backer will be forthright and interesting, I have asked her to be one of the first on Ubiquitous Magazine to be interviewed. Here are the following questions which I hope you will enjoy and be inspired by them.

  1. I appreciate your fiery spirit, perspectives, and passions therefore I will start your list of questions with: How about a relevant rant?

I’m not sure if this qualifies as a rant but one of my major passions is

to see the Body of Christ understand holistic health. Often, when a

person does something emotionally unhealthy, they’ll justify their actions

based upon some religious principle that may not even be pertinent to the

conversation. Christian culture tends to sweep conflicts under the rug with

these three approaches:

  1. It’s an attack of the enemy to cause division so let’s pray away the

issues and blame the devil. “Our battle is not against flesh and blood.”

  1. The person we’re in conflict with is a Jezebel and should be

labeled and ostracized.

  1. Avoid the issue and pretend it’s not there but, under the guise of

prayer requests, talk about the people we’re experiencing issues with and

call it concern.

There are the rare exceptions who know how to handle difficult issues

head-on with love, while owning up to their own culpability in the situation

and honor those they are in conflict with. But I find these humble, healthy,

and self-aware individuals to be the exceptions and not the rule. It takes

great humility and authenticity to be honest and brave.

Christians tend to hyper-spiritualize emotional issues without dealing

with them as soul issues. For instance, when we have a health challenge

like a cancer diagnosis, we wouldn’t suggest that the first approach to

healing would be through therapy. We would suggest prayer and a visit to

the medical professionals. But when we face emotional issues,

disagreements, and offenses, Christians often claim they’re praying

about it as if that’s the solution to an inter-relational issue. Praying about it

is great, but the appropriate thing to do would be to talk it over, get real

and honest, own our stuff, and forgive the other without assigning motives

and blame. And, sometimes, agree to disagree and be at peace.

I could really go on and on about the unhealthy ways we deal with

conflict. The truth is that the health of any relationship is tested during

times of conflict not during times of peace. We can learn to embrace the

challenging times as opportunities for growth, maturity, and strengthening

what was weak. We don’t have to fear conflict, dread the confrontations

that follow, or play the victim to have others take our side. These are all

symptoms of an orphan spirit at work. When we know we are perfectly

loved, even as Jesus truly loves us, we can deal with issues without feeling

threatened and know that we are okay, even when circumstances are not.

      2. Give an example of a life-changing event or period in your life:

I was in the fourth year of a six year graduate school program. I had

my life planned out. After earning my Ph.D in Clinical Psychology and a

Master of Arts in Theology, I would start a family. But as life often does, my

plans were interrupted by an unexpected surprise. I became pregnant and

I still had two years left before completing my education. I figured I would

do what so many other moms were doing. Once my baby was born, I

would find a good daycare center and return to school full-time and

complete my degrees. Then, my baby was born. My first born child that

made me a mom. Suddenly, becoming a doctor didn’t seem nearly as

important as being a mom. It didn’t matter that since my freshman year in

high school, all I had ever wanted was to be at the top of the field in

psychology, have the freedom to teach at any educational level, have my

studies and theories published at the highest levels of professional

journals, and own a successful practice. My son obliterated all professional

ambition, killed my ego for recognition, and transformed my dreams from

career to family. I knew I would never return to classes full-time at the

expense of leaving my son for someone else to raise. I ended up bowing

out of a Ph.D and ended my education with two masters degrees. I was

told by some that that was the end of my professional dreams. Yet, I didn’t

really care. And I have never regretted that decision.

  1. What would you like to be your greatest contribution to humanity, when all is said and done?

My greatest contribution to humanity is a healthy family. We are far

from perfect and I am far from being a perfect mom. Nevertheless,

teaching our children to relate in a healthy way with honest communication,

personal responsibility, clear boundaries, genuine love, and freedom to be

exactly what God created them to be has been and will always be my

greatest achievement. In the midst of building healthy relationships, we

model a passionate pursuit of God. Loving God is not about going to

church but about living in intimate connection with Him in everything.

Having our children watch the genuineness of that pursuit and seeing the

fruit of that intimate connection to the Father play out in all areas of our

lives have been my greatest joys. My prayer is that each of them will take

what we did in pioneering a healthy family and modeling genuine intimacy

with Jesus and make these their legacies as well. May our children stand

on our shoulders and may our ceiling become their floor.

  1. Are you comfortable sharing some (or one) of your greatest struggles?

My greatest struggle in pursuing my passions has been fear and

insecurity. Who do I think I am to actually teach the ways of God? I’m no

scholar and yet I teach the Bible…the greatest book in the history of

creation. I have no church “covering” or denominational affiliation. I’m a

woman. I’m Asian in America. Who would take me seriously? What if I

fail? At every step of the way, doors of opportunity opened without me

knocking. And, at every step of the way, I’ve had to fight against

tremendous fear and insecurity to say yes and follow through. Believing

God and knowing that this is His great delight, that I should reveal Him and

teach His ways have been huge steps of faith for me. It’s getting easier

and easier to believe Him and say yes to open doors. As Bill Johnson (Bethel/Redding, CA) often

says, “I cannot afford to have thoughts about myself that God does not

have about me.”

  1. Will you share a favorite family memory?

I have so many to choose from. I’ve been fortunate and blessed

enough to create so many happy memories with my family. One of my

favorites is when we all went to Jesus Culture in Redding, CA. By

mistake, I had reserved a home for our family that was about an hour away

from the conference. We were all dreading the extra hours of driving

because we knew how tired we would be at the end of each day. Since it

was general seating, it also meant we had to stand in line very early in the

morning to ensure that we would all be able to sit together. So we were all

kind of grumpy about the hours we would lose in sleep. This was also our

first family trip with Lydia, our daughter-in-law. But God just touched us in a

special way during those hours of driving up and down the mountain. We

laughed so hard and enjoyed our conversations so much the drive always

whizzed by and never felt long. We all laughed until we cried and some of

our favorite family quotes and inside jokes were made during that time.

Also, the house in the mountains ended up being a gorgeous, luxury home

with top of the line amenities for a very inexpensive price. We rested well,

enjoyed the beautiful, snowy scenery surrounding us, and had the most

wonderful encounters with God as we worshiped Him together during this


  1. When do you feel most connected to God?

When I give prophetic words, I feel the most connected to God. I rely

on His voice to speak encouraging, edifying, and life-giving words over

those who are eagerly wanting to hear from the Lord. It requires faith on

my part to give the words I hear, impressions I receive, and the visions I

see. It also requires faith in the other person to receive the word.

Everything about the prophetic is an exercise in faith and dependence on

God. I feel so intimately connected to my Father when He speaks to me for

the other person’s benefit and I’m so blessed to be one who gets to

share in that moment.

  1. What’s on the horizon?

We’ve had enough people asking for copies of my teachings that we

feel it’s time to launch a resource store. We’re debating about the method

and which media to use in delivering the recorded teachings. So the next

project for Soorin Backer Ministries is to set up our resource store. Also, “Pearls of Hope

Conferene: Portland” is in full planning mode. It’s scheduled for October

20-22, 2016 at Embassy Suites Hotel in Tigard, OR. I’ve never been so

excited about a conference before! I believe God has an amazing plan for

it and I can’t wait to see and experience it! I’m also revising my book,

“The Women in Jesus’ Life” for re-release and I’m working on my second book, “The Genesis

Revelation.” This September, I’m going to Brazil for a couple of weeks to

speak at churches, retreats, and conferences. Our international ministry is

growing and we anticipate future trips to England and another trip to Kenya.

We’re also currently revamping our websites at SoorinBacker.com and

PearlsofHopeConference.com. There’s a lot going on and lots on the

horizon. Keep checking on us and stay current!

  1. Readers can go to your website for your bio and your radio schedule but do you have anything to add to your bio that has happened recently?

This year (2016) I received the “Excellence in Media Award” from Christian

Women in Media Association. It was completely unexpected but a huge

honor which motivates me to give more, do better, and work harder. I really

must emphasize that none of the honors given to me are deserved but rather I believe it is

sheerly the favor of the Lord as He opens doors and creates opportunities

for me to serve Him. I’m very aware that no amount of preparation,

education, or experience can take the place of anointing, favor, and

spiritual giftings. God has chosen me to be one of His voices in the

Kingdom and He is building credibility that is far beyond anything I could

have done on my own. I am so grateful, so humbled, and so honored. I

give all glory to my Father in heaven for it is His good pleasure to shower

His children with blessings.

Thank you for the interview Soorin!

Annette Trucke


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June 8, 2016:  The following is an interview with author, Linda Richison. Linda will be having an epic book signing on Salem, Oregon’s Willamette Queen stern-wheeler on Sunday, June 12th, 2016. (Reservations for the cruise and lunch are required.) 

COVER Book Linda Richison 3-23-16 X12 book signs

1. (Annette) What is the name of your book and what would you like to share about this work of fiction?

(Linda) My book is,  The Spirit of Love: Heart and Souls

Left with shattered dreams and a broken heart, Serena picks up the scattered pieces of her life and moves on. Desperation pushes her to a new location, where she is destined for a brand new start. But to her dismay, the vision and her reality painted a different picture.

Follow the perils of Serena as she becomes tangled in a world of mystery and fantasy, where she must rescue a helpless spirit with the help of a dangerously sexy man.

Thrilling tales of their journey to overcome the challenges of the heart and souls, they must conquer trust issues, deceit, battle roadblocks and obstacles to accomplish the nearly impossible tasks–before their time runs out.

2. (Annette) This is your first book but am I correct, you are already working on another book? If so, is this a sequel to The Spirit of Love: Heart and Souls?

(Linda) Yes, I am almost through with my second book, Spirit of Love: Lost and Found.  This is the second in the Spirit of Love Series. I am playing with some ideas for the third and a possible forth book, as well.

3. (Annette) Your book’s storyline is set in Oregon, correct? Tell me a bit about that?

(Linda) Yes, the story starts out in the city of Portland and moves to Astoria and the mouth of the Columbia River. I tried to describe the area in a fictional setting and at the same time, give the reader a touch of the authentic area and setting.

4. (Annette) Of course we never ask a woman her age, but let’s say you are 39 or older.

When did you start writing and how did it come about that you are now authoring books?

(Linda) I’ve only been writing for a little over three years.  The idea for the storyline just popped into my head one day as I was driving down the road, and it just went on from there. I had to write it!

5. (Annette) When do you first remember loving to tell a good story? How about writing?

(Linda) I was never really a story teller; in fact, I always wanted to be singer. I would write songs and poems for fun, and I’ve always try to think of cleaver lines and sentiments to write in greeting cards.

6. (Annette) What writers inspire you?

(Linda) I have many writers that inspire me, but if I had to choose, I’d say Nora Roberts and Janet Evonovich.  They are amazing writers. Each of them offer their readers a unique writing style, but both authors seem to make their words sing and dance on paper.  I am easily pulled into the story line, the characters and the settings come alive in my mind! I can instantly picture myself there in their books.  I admire that their stories always deliver a mixture of romance, adventure, drama, humor and excitement–a perfect package. I am usually left with a chill and a tear at the end of the story, and of course I feel a little sad when the book is over.

7. (Annette) How does the creative process work for you? Do you sit at the keyboard and hammer it out or daydream for hours and then go sort it out on the computer? 

(Linda) Once I get an idea, I toss it around in my head for a while, formulating various scenarios.  I bought a small recorder which I use at times to capture my thoughts. Then I will put my thoughts on paper and play with the words to make the sentences flow with clarity and fluidity.

8. (Annette) You have had several book signings and you have several coming up. Tell me about the one on the riverboat. 

(Linda) I was blessed to have met Barbara at Women in Networking(WIN) and being the caring and giving person she is, she graciously accepted my idea of doing a book signing on the Willamette Queen. She and her husband Richard have worked with me to make this signing a success. I am so grateful for everything they have done to make this a unique and fun celebration. I have to tell you that I am a little nervous but at the same time excited for this opportunity.

9. (Annette) Anything else? How about a release date for your next book?

I have another book signing in Astoria this month; June 18th at Godfather’s Books, from 12:00 to 2:00.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to share my book with the people there since the story in based in Astoria. A fun fact is that the bookstore for the signing has a coffee shop located inside the store and so does the bookstore in the book!

I am also looking to do more book signings this year, but I haven’t determined when and where those will take place.

My next book, The Spirit of Love: Lost and Found is scheduled for release in August, 2016.

10. (Annette) How has the response been about publishing your first book, especially from people that know you, by the way?

(Linda) The response has been overwhelming. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I released the news that the first book had been published.  I was a little scared to hear what people thought. All the reviews have been positive. People are saying: they love the book; they say it’s a “page turner,” they “can’t put it down” and “can’t wait until the next one!”  They express to me that they can picture the characters and the setting, and feel like their right there with them.

(Linda) I would like to add that none of this would’ve been possible without the guidance of God.  He gave me direction and introduced me to new people that have become my friends; like you Annette, which have helped and supported me along this journey. I feel very blessed!

(Annette) Thank you, Linda!

Annette Trucke

Ubiquitous You Magazine


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