Trusting God’s Sovereign Timing

This is a re-post. Look at the photo of the trees and consider what they most likely look like now: leaves of green…all in the right time and season. 

We often think about “right” timing. But the concept of “wrong” timing is equally as important. Am I too late? Did I miss my opportunity to live out the passions and purposes I felt earlier?

I remember one day I woke up several years ago and I just KNEW it was time to sell our house and move into the city from our bedroom community. I told my husband and he wasn’t sure at first (of course) but after sitting with it for a bit, he felt the same. We put our home (which we had built and loved) up for sale and sold it fairly quickly. We found another house that had a lot more room and was right for us. We had sold right before the market fell. I heard our home sold for almost $80,000 less at the next turnover. I don’t believe that the timing was just a financial or practical move. It changed a lot of things for our family, some good and some that felt like we had definitely made some trade-offs. The point is, I KNEW it was time. And KNOWING it made us step out.

There are many of you still wrestling with the questions regarding this dream you have been carrying for a very long time. You may have felt you were carrying it even as a child. And the dream fell quiet for various reasons and seasons, you carried on and did other things, worthy of your time. You may have went through the rungs of higher education, married, had children, built careers, businesses, ministries, worked and played all the while your dream way lying dormant.

The good news is that lying dormant is not a bad thing! If one attempts to grow something in the wrong season failure will be the result of all the efforts and expenses invested (not that failure is fatal!). I look out and I see the barren winter treeslate winter trees, shrubs, bushes, and the leftover foliage from the warm days of 2015. I picked up the Mason jar of dried Black-eyed Susans and tossed them today. I pulled some of the dead plants from the planters as I was coming in this morning. It is almost time to ready for flowers and plants to grow, bud, and blossom in the spring and summer months. Though we may still have freezing weather I considered how purple Primroses would look outside my window panes.

Point being, don’t worry that you have missed anything. God’s timing is the perfect timing. All of the seasons prior are preparation for those things that await. Possibly if you would have forced the timing you would have missed some wonderful opportunities and experiences. Perhaps some relationships needed time for development or an opportunity was being started for you without your knowing. It’s hard to know for sure but one thing is for sure, God is Sovereign and His Word says that the footsteps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord (Psalm 37:23).

The Lord leads us in peace. We often hit real resistance when we are taking ground and further possessing our identity. When we force things out of ambition or we are stressing to make something happen, peace goes missing. People have a hard time differentiating between the enemy’s push-back and wrong timing. Some sit down far too fast. Others hang on to things that are not meant to be quite yet. I say be led by peace, praying that God will make the timing completely clear. If He says not now, don’t despair; with open hands toss the seeds to the ground and see what comes up in due time. Most of all, trust that you will KNOW the timing deep down and all the way to the toes. Then you can step out!

God cares about the desires of your heart. He most likely placed them there!

Merriam-Webster, synonyms and related words to KNOW. Synonyms appreciate, apprehend, assimilate, behold, catch, catch on (to), cognize,compass, conceive, cotton (to or on to), decipher, decode, dig, discern, get, grasp, grok,intuit, comprehend, make, make out, perceive, recognize, register, savvy, see, seize, sense,tumble (to), twig, understandRelated Words absorb, digest, take in; realize; fathom, penetrate, pierce

Annette Trucke, Author of Audacious Consulting’s Dream Launching Manual–Steps to Realizing Your Future

10 Questions of the Day

 Questions of the Day

My role is to provoke thought and help you to take the steps needed to jump into your passions and dreams–those God deposited into you years back, or from the beginning of the world. Here are just a few. Maybe you should write your own questions and follow up with answering those questions as well? 1. Will you go ahead and speak it, teach it, write it, photo it, build it, etc. if you are unsure of the scope or grandness of the outcome? 2. What if God is provoking you to do new things? 3. If it requires work, will you give up comfort and leisure to do it? 4. Are you willing to learn new things that will better equip you to do your dream? 5. What if you want to walk on the water and He is calling you out of the boat? 6. What if others think that water-walking is dangerous and unwise? 7. What if others tell you that you won’t make it because it is impossible? 8. What do you already have to work with? 9. Have you already begun your journey? 10. What are your greatest desires in life and do they seem to match up with what God is telling you to do and the natural bent you’ve had from the beginning days of your life? Any feedback? You can comment here or email at