Building a Platform & Pink Slime


Yesterday my youngest son and I were talking about what the term “grassroots” means. Then we went on to discuss what we might take up as a cause and why.

What would you champion if you were given the opportunity to run with just one cause? I told my son that usually there is an impetus that starts a cause rolling, such as the case with how MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving got started. The founder’s daughter was killed by a driver under the influence.

Not all causes come from outside circumstances, some come from within—a passion, or an inner awareness or recognized need. And some causes are deposits from God—“Do it, you can,” He says.

This morning I saw an article about Jamie Oliver, Chef/Restaurateur, Media Personality, etc. Jamie took on the “pink slime process” which has been, too often, part of the food that we are served in burgers at places such as McDonalds. The throw away parts of beef go through a process and in that process ammonia is used to sanitize the meat products. Oliver has become a persistent, clear, and steady voice regarding this nasty issue. He has made great headway so that someday soon we may be rid of the pink slime from our diets, or at least to be warned in the labeling. Oliver had a platform so that when he became aware of this disgusting “food product” he wasn’t starting from ground zero; he already had influence.

Many of us are called to build things and bring awareness to issues. We may do it naturally just in conversation or a voice that is heard by many. This is why many of you need to be building your platform. Oliver already had a platform to reach from. Many of you do as well. Some of you are just starting, and others are in a place where your voice is already heard.

As I use the term “voice”, I mean your message, your goal, your product, your business, etc. that needs to be communicated to others. There are tools and paths to take that will help you construct your platform. Building a platform is essential to expand your vision and your reach.

Think of a ladder. Imagine that you step up onto the first rung. You can see out further and you can be seen easier by more people. Go up another rung, and another, and so on. You are able to do two things, reach higher and see and be seen by more. Which means your causes, your projects, concepts will have a larger showcase to share and sell. If you have something good to share then you should want to expand!  You may be called to the spotlight for your life’s work or for the moment that you recognize a cause that will change the world to some greater degree

What is it you need to be sharing with the world? Is it a message? Is it a talent that you possess? Is it a product? Is it a concept? Are you one meant to make the world laugh? Is there a people group you want to help? It could be a countless number of things to accomplish or simply to be.

(Do you want to know more about how and why you should be building your personal, business, or organization’s platform? Audacious Consulting & Media is building a platform for others and showing others how to use it or how to build their own. Lets’ talk!)



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