Building a Platform & Pink Slime

I had a comment about this blog today and reread it to remember the content and context. I thought it may encourage and empower some of you.

Annette Trucke


Yesterday my youngest son and I were talking about what the term “grassroots” means. Then we went on to discuss what we might take up as a cause and why.

What would you champion if you were given the opportunity to run with just one cause? I told my son that usually there is an impetus that starts a cause rolling, such as the case with how MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving got started. The founder’s daughter was killed by a driver under the influence.

Not all causes come from outside circumstances, some come from within—a passion, or an inner awareness or recognized need. And some causes are deposits from God—“Do it, you can,” He says.

This morning I saw an article about Jamie Oliver, Chef/Restaurateur, Media Personality, etc. Jamie took on the “pink slime process” which has been, too often, part of the food that we are served in…

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