Not for the Rewards–Yet They Are a Kick!

Chris Luppo & Annette Trucke–CWIMA 2015 East Coast/NYC & West Coast/Hollywood Region Exceptional Service Awards CWIMA Gala with Wendy Griffiths receiving her CWIMA Woman of the Year Award.

Volunteering happens when one feels like-minded with an organization or when an extreme need is exposed and we know we can do something to about the problem. Is it a justice issue, a need based issue, a make the world a better place that calls you? Or are you like me and it’s all about building the kingdom so that people have life in abundance here and throughout eternity, in heaven?  Serving clicks when our passions and skill-sets match the needs of an organization. Of course there are myriads of reasons why people volunteer and when God leads us, that pretty much seals the deal.

I don’t like to think about, “What am getting out of this?” I try not to let myself ruminate on those thoughts and just do what I do. Yet, the volunteer experiences I have had over my lifespan have been extremely beneficial to me in many ways. I have gained so much knowledge and wisdom. I have met people I would not otherwise and made real friendships as well as business connections. Some instances allowed me to test my wings and see how far I could fly. And then, some lessons were just hard, heartbreaking, disconcerting, etc.—yet, I learned from them and I allowed God to reposition me while keeping my heart and attitude in check. Volunteering where you fit and function well is a reward in and of itself.

I was surprised with an award at the Annual National CWIMA Conference in Dallas, TX on Saturday night at the event’s Gala. Mark Frincannon was chosen for the Lifetime Achievement Award for his prolific career as a casting director while Wendy Griffith, 700 Co-Host, was named Women of the Year by CWIMA. Five CWIMA members were awarded Exceptional Service Awards, of which I was blessed and surprised to receive the CWIMA’s West Coast/Hollywood Region’s award. I was led out and photographed with Jennifer O’Neil and then more photos and fun with other people and new friends, such as Chris Luppo seen in the photo to the right. What a kick! ~Annette

(Photo with Chris Luppo/NYC courtesy of Fay DeMeyer)


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