One of my favorite writers happens to be my daughter, Jaklyn Larsen. This piece is especially heartfelt as it is a birthday of one who has gone from us, far too soon for our liking. Happy Birthday Gary Trucke.

Life As I Pretend To Know It

I waited and waited and waited. For a sign, a symbol, a hope-filled thought…for something I waited.

The birds’ songs surrounded me in a chaotic symphony. Singling out one of their songs in the midst of so many others, an impossible feat, just as it would have been impossible to pinpoint a single thought in the scrambled disarray of my mid. As I looked to my right at the colorful flowers I’d brought with me, I noticed that two bees had already found them as delightful as I had.

But I wasn’t there for the birds, nor was I there to admire nature…

I waited. I watched, I hoped and I waited some more. The grass was incredibly wet to sit on; the morning dew had arrived in apparent abundance. Despite the damp cool earth beneath me, I was too stubborn to leave quickly. I wanted my time, my moment. I…

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