Seriously, who goes to Wikipedia for information on flames? Somehow, like a moth, I was drawn to it. I was pondering how our “flames” regarding our dreams can burn bright and high, or die out. What keeps our flames burning bright? Fuel. They need fuel!

Are you fueling your dream or letting it go out–either by default or intentionally?

Right now there are major forest fires in many parts of our country–in our own state and neighboring states we have fires with so much momentum–if that is the right word here, that they are consuming forests

and threatening homes. When the summer heat has dried everything out, the flames only grow larger and more furious.  The spark hit the fuel source and the fires took off.

What fuels do you need to stoke your fire with right now? I think it may be time to make a list. I am.

If you have time, I actually encourage you to read the link below. Fire and flames, something many of us never think too much about, really can be interesting…








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