Three Years Later

A flower may hold the lesson you and I need to hear today (tonight). Thank you Jaklyn Larsen for your perseverance, and your writing.

Life As I Pretend To Know It

It was a Christmas gift from my boys, more than three years ago. An adorable birch wood pot, full of dirt and full of hope. It contained an Amaryllis bulb, one they knew I would be excited to grow. A flower of extravagant beauty, I was grateful to receive such a thoughtful gift. I kept the instructions and followed them faithfully. Soon after, the green foliage began to sprout above the dirt. As days passed and time progressed, the leaves continued to reach new heights… but a flower bud never appeared.


I nurtured that plant, loved it, reread how to care for it, but as spring approached, the green leaves started to fade as did my hope for seeing this flower bloom. I would have to try again later.


The following November, I started the process over again. And again, as the bulb started growing its beautiful leaves…

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