“Directionally Correct–but not Perfect”

Annette Trucke

Rocket NASA 115101main_top101deltaThis is one post that is basically a re-blog by Jessica Stillman of INC. One line caught me and I have to run with it a bit and of course leave you with the link for her complete blog.

She said in reference to those resistant to change that, as we all know, may be an issue of perfectionism. Her words of encouragement and her directive for those people in her business (organization, family also come to mind). They are:

“…the goal is ‘directionally correct’ but not ‘perfect.’” 

We often know which direction we need to be headed in, right? But do we have our game plan perfected? Not usually. Of course if we were going to launch a rocket of some sort then we better be going into analytical-overtime and perfection would be the goal. Yet, if in less extraordinary events we need to move in the direction and…

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