Seriously, who goes to Wikipedia for information on flames? Somehow, like a moth, I was drawn to it. I was pondering how our “flames” regarding our dreams can burn bright and high, or die out. What keeps our flames burning bright? Fuel. They need fuel! Are you fueling your dream or letting it go out–eitherContinue reading “Flames”

New Book: Poems for the Grieving Heart by Tom Gregersen

Congratulations are in order to Tom Gregersen–again! Here it is–Poems for Grieving Heart! This book is a blessing which will only be as a healing balm to those who grieve. I HIGHLY recommend it. Thanks Mr. G. for writing it! This would make a precious gift. Here is a link to order it from andContinue reading “New Book: Poems for the Grieving Heart by Tom Gregersen”