Picasso and a Nation’s Pain

Maybe I should just keep my blog-mouth quiet–or not? An observation: life is rough and too many people are feeling the weight of the world upon their shoulders. Though many people have had their lives turned upside-down in our country this week, the truth is, losses happen collectively all of the time. I am concernedContinue reading “Picasso and a Nation’s Pain”

New Book: Poems for the Grieving Heart by Tom Gregersen

Congratulations are in order to Tom Gregersen–again! Here it is–Poems for Grieving Heart! This book is a blessing which will only be as a healing balm to those who grieve. I HIGHLY recommend it. Thanks Mr. G. for writing it! This would make a precious gift. Here is a link to order it from andContinue reading “New Book: Poems for the Grieving Heart by Tom Gregersen”