Want to Be a Chapter in a Book?

ImageOne of the most memorable books I have ever read was done by a local writer. She took stories of several teens who were educating in non-traditional ways. I loved it because she took the reader into each teen’s own story and desires. I saw how much variety and inventiveness can come into play in a person’s life as they pursue their dreams, learning as they go. No, my ideology did not meet with each of the teen’s modes of education–but I learned from it.

I am inspired to do something of the same. I am looking for some of you who have already or who will soon possess a copy of my book and who intend to work it. I would like to take 10-14 stories and render them down to a chapter each. Would you like your journey shared? It does not have to be complete but it would need to be in the process a good ways.

If you are interested don’t be shy! Send me an email so that we can discuss how we might accomplish this collaborative project.


Let’s Birth That Baby!



We all waddle around. We carry something in us. We want to birth it, but, we don’t know how. For men or those who have never given birth to a child this may be a stretcher for the imagination. But, if you enact your imagination and consider what I am trying to get across, I think you may have an epiphany of sorts.

Was there ever something? You know, something that you wanted to do, or you thought God wanted you to do, but you didn’t know how to give the dream life—or even if you should? So, have you abandoned it for a myriad of seemingly valid reasons? Maybe you should have done so—or quite possibly not!

Audacious Consulting’s Dream Launching Manual excerpt, p. 21