Want to Be a Chapter in a Book?

ImageOne of the most memorable books I have ever read was done by a local writer. She took stories of several teens who were educating in non-traditional ways. I loved it because she took the reader into each teen’s own story and desires. I saw how much variety and inventiveness can come into play in a person’s life as they pursue their dreams, learning as they go. No, my ideology did not meet with each of the teen’s modes of education–but I learned from it.

I am inspired to do something of the same. I am looking for some of you who have already or who will soon possess a copy of my book and who intend to work it. I would like to take 10-14 stories and render them down to a chapter each. Would you like your journey shared? It does not have to be complete but it would need to be in the process a good ways.

If you are interested don’t be shy! Send me an email so that we can discuss how we might accomplish this collaborative project.


2 thoughts on “Want to Be a Chapter in a Book?

  1. Hello, my friend Starla Paris sent me this link. I live in Idaho, and would love to hear what things you have in mind for adding a person into a chapter of your book. Sounds exciting, and oh how I would love to be rekindled and reminded of the passions and desires that seem to be laying dormant inside of me. Those passions I first knew, when I first knew God.
    Writing a book was a passion that I don’t even see on the horizon anymore…

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