Going to Meet the Tide

beachIt is part of what we must go through. It is the sand dunes and knolls and the sharp beach grass blades. It is the strong gusts of wind that lifts up millions of sand grains and spits them out on us from head to toe. It’s wading through the seaweed ropes that pop and stink when you misstep. It is that crunchy hollow sand that is full of those jumping bugs before we get to the firm sand and then to the tide itself. I am thinking about dealing with self-doubt and disdain for one’s own work. I am talking of the beach, because it is my second language.

Maybe you need to hear this for yourself or to understand others at a greater level. I think we would all be very surprised at the level of self-doubt and self-disdain people struggle with and, I am not just talking those of us who consider ourselves, “average Joe’s.” I am talking about people at every level. It is a common denominator of those who pursue, or who want to pursue their dreams.

Those of you who are creative or who carry big dreams, you must realize that you are not alone in this–everyone struggles but many have learned to recognize the fact that our feelings of insecurity are not the ones dictating the game plan.

You are not alone; others feel the same way. But do what you must anyway! Keep your chin up and your face to the wind. God has you.

I am tired of the struggle with self-doubt and disdain for things that I work hard to accomplish. It doesn’t mean that the two won’t hit, and sometimes hit very hard. But I don’t want their company.

Can we do it? Can we make it? What if someone doesn’t like it, buy it, eat it, etc.? What if? 

And, I could have done better, I should have done better, they didn’t compliment me, I didn’t sell enough, they didn’t eat it, I don’t think they liked it…

This is just part of taking steps heading to the shore. Expect some doubt and expect the touches of disdain–but don’t entertain them long. Keep walking over the sandy knolls to the wet, salty water. And as you and I do, let’s encourage others along the way.

Guess who needs a literal beach trip?

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