What Happens When Comparative Self Stays Home?

After a recent conversation I thought I would re-blog this. I hope it helps a few of you!

Annette Trucke

annette laughing Annette Trucke Photo by Tiffenee Ezell 2014

My photo is placed here to show you what I look like (often) when I don’t hang out with a certain old friend.

Her name is Comparative Self. When I let her tag along I feel insecure and anxious. She likes to say things that make me feel less-than. She is rude!

When I ditch her, I have fun!

Recently was blessed to travel to Dallas, Texas for a CWIMA’s Annual National Conference.

I ended up in a hotel suite with three beautiful and accomplished women.Outside of our room I met more women with incredible stories and career/ministry paths who do big things in big cities. I live in Eugene, OR.  Comparative Self wasn’t there to point things out, insult me, or chime in!

I believe part of “comparing” is how our brain processes, always putting things in order and into categories. Some comparison is essential…

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