The Art of Second Guessing


Some people are so good at second guessing themselves that they’ve made an art of it.

Well, not really an art, but you do know what I mean.

You may be one of those second guessing specialists. Most of us have been at some period in our lives.  We have seasons where we are continuously tempted to wonder, to ponder, to lay awake at night staring into the dark considering the choices we have made.

We wonder if we chose the right education, career, location, running shoes, golf shoes, home, home décor, spouse, in-laws,…Should we have become parents and can we pull it off? Did I offer a compelling proposal to a potential client? Did I buy a lemon—again? Are my kids in the right school? Should I have started my own business?  Should I have confided in my friend? Why did I think that I could pull off this big adventure—who am I to do so? Am I too old to be playing on this team (I hurt!)? And so it goes…

You get the picture. You know the taunting thoughts.

And then we step completely out of the box to try something new—to pursue our dreams. Even with all of the excitement born of giving a dream life, there are those moments when things start to creak and go bump in the night—we get scared and we second guess our decisions. And pretty soon we are looking at life and our decisions through closed mini-blinds crafted from fear.

I read a great quote yesterday on one of The Father’s Love Facebook posts and it spoke loudly to me. It is a quote by Rosa Parks, “I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fears.”

There is fortitude and faith in that statement. For Rosa, as she made up her mind she became part of historical change and is she became famous because she made up her mind.

Do you need to make up your mind about some things and stop second guessing decisions made, as well as your future hopes?

the fathers love poster rosa park


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2 thoughts on “The Art of Second Guessing

  1. As a recovering Second-guesser, I can tell you the more I keep my eyes on Jesus the easier it is to let go. God really does know what He is doing. Learning to truly TRUST Him, not just BELIEVE in Him has been one of the hardest and yet most fulfilling steps in my long journey to a dream yet to be completely realized. I’m closer than ever before. Thanks for the reminder of the ole days and how far Jesus has brought me. Taking small steps listening all the while to the Still Small Voice is truly a reason to REJOICE. God bless your day.

    1. Yes, I guess I am a “recovering second guessed” as well who falls off the wagon more than I’d like to admit! You are so right about the trust part. Thanks for sharing–great perspectives.

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