How Fast Do You Recover After Taking a Punch?

Some punches are like nothing.
We don’t even hit the ground.

We just shake it off.
But there are punches that knock us on our #@%^*.
Down we go.
What happens when we get hit hard is paramount to possessing much needed true grit, and being those who follow through with their dreams.
For the last few days I have been ruminating on an interview I watched. I keep thinking of how it applies in my own life as well as those who I see struggling to move forward in life.
The short clip I watched was with the “Queen of QVC” and Shark Tank star, Barbara Corcoran. She started her entrepreneur life with $1,000—borrowed—she is a multimillionaire now.
She was asked about the key to being “successful.” She said that she knew from her own experience and years of watching others that there is one key that stands out and above others. It is the ability to get back up after a punch.
She said, and we can agree this is true, that we will all experience hits in life. The more we put ourselves out there, the more we get. This is a concept we deal with in life, and a spiritual truth as well.
When we make mistakes, when others falsely accuse us, when we are mocked, when we deal with heartaches, when relationships go south, when finances fail, when our ideas don’t make it, when life happens, when the messiness of life hits us in the face—how fast can we recoup? How fast can we jump back up ready for life and the next hits?
Listen, I know that we have to process life and some things take longer to get back up from. I dare not minimize some hits you may have taken. They have been hard and painful. Hits like losing a loved one may be compared to getting thoroughly pummeled, so badly that one probably needs hospitalization and some longer term care.
And sometimes all it takes to make us stay down for too long is an accusation. And may I remind you, accusations are usually from the Pit. We might make mistakes and do things wrong but the accusations that can reverberate in our minds are different and they can keep us down for the count.
You know what else we need to think on and what the Queen of QVC didn’t mention in the clip I heard (she may have but it was not in the short I watched)? Many times the reason we can get back up more quickly is because we have people encouraging us to get back up—that, and they reach out their hand to help us get on our feet. That makes all the difference in the world! May we all be those kinds of people.
If we are going to be “hit” anyway, why not predetermine to get back up as fast as possible and how about doing so with the determination to be those with true grit? Let’s not forget to be compassionate and less judgmental towards those knocked off their feet, as well.
The original movie trailer for True Grit
(I am dedicating this blog to my family. I love you all. May we all learn how to recover faster and trust the grace of God to help us to do so. May we have the resilience and true grit to live the life we are called to, undaunted.)

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