Life is packed with opportunity to “Re.” Just think of all the words we can add that prefix to, like–“reinvent.” I love that one.

We have the prerogative to adjust and reconfigure even if we are boldly going in one direction and find we would or should go in another. I just had a couple of conversations with a couple of friends this week about permissions to “Re.”

One friend and I dream and strategically plan often. We are creative and have the ability to make things happen. Yet, we don’t always follow through with every grand dream we come up with. And, that’s just fine. What I like about our friendship is that we give each other space and choice; we always have take-away from our visions, whether they have played out (yet!) or not.

As I told another friend how that works so well I could see relief come across her brow. Pressure was removed. She too can move forward with new daring dreams without worrying because she can “Re” as need be. Timelines can be “reconfigured” or “reconstructed.” Projects can be “reordered” as need be.

I am not saying that everything should be chaotic and in constant change. Rather we have choices to “remove” what should not be in the picture and “replace it with better” and we need to allow ourselves and others liberty to do so. This especially plays true for creative types as well as the whole lot of humanity.

Do you have people you can dream with? Do you allow yourself to dream and then to try new ideas? There is a lot of freedom in relationships that allow one another space to think and live out loud without being judged. How many of us would try more incredible and new adventures or ventures–if we had someone that said, “Try it, you may like it–it may be your niche and your legacy!”

In what areas do you see room to use the “Re?”

(Notice all of the erasings on the chalkboard in the photo of Einstein?)

Call me if you would like some “reassurance” along with strategy, connections, implementation, and creativity to pull off your dream.



High Rollers

I remember looking up the term “high roller” a couple years back as I heard someone I know has that status in Vegas. That was my introduction to the term. 

nail polish

Last year, as a friend was establishing a business model that would attract very high-end, high-maintenance clients I remarked to said friend, “You are a high roller, now!” I meant that in a spiritual way as well as a business person who was taking a calculated risk to do something big. 

I had so much fun watching the process and discussing elements of it. 

And let’s say, they attracted a client as their first that surpassed their wildest expectations. 

These high rollers hit the target while relying on the peace of God and His wisdom in taking risks. God adventures in the business world! 

Many of you may fall into the “high roller club.” Not necessarily because of your gambling or business risk-taking but rather because of the audacious risks you take following God. You follow Him in little ways that no one ever knows about and you do some things that appear wild to others, as you follow God and pursue sweeping God-given dreams. 

Forgive my ignorance since I have never literally gambled, nor been to Las Vegas. Clearly I am not an expert. However I am an expert in other ways.

I have studied, as well as observed, and I have assisted many people who step out and do prodigious ventures. They possessed huge dreams, they did their planning, and then jumped in to do the plan in partnership with God.

I’ve seen a lot. They go to other countries doing ministry, start businesses, design products, start organizations, volunteer and mentor, write books, create art, make movies, do television programs, radio, digital media, comedy, and so much more.

Every time they step out they meet some resistance; they know they are taking risks. It is more than clear to them–and others that the rope ladder could leave them dangling unless they have it tied right and they are confident of the climb.

They do risk failure. They risk judgments by others. They risk the fact they may have taken the wrong path. They risk money, time, and reputation. At first they are wobbly. Some don’t get past that stage.  Others get knocked over like a inflatable punching bag they spring back up. They step forward even when they are afraid but somehow they grab a hold of the courage that God extends from His hand and Word. As people start seeing them have elements of success, they then get more support. 

Things start happening. The learning curve and adjusting things along the way is part of the process. And it takes some time to hit the markers. But it happens. If…they don’t give in and give up. 

Are you a high roller or are you called to be? Do you desire to do big things because it is in you to do so? Has God developed a level of faith in you and acumen in the area you are to go? What is stopping you from being a high roller? 

Photo Credit: Me with High Roller nail polish sent as a gift from High Roller, Herself.