But There are Bears in the Woods!


Building a business and following your dream is equally exhilarating and terrifying. I love to build, to dream, to strategize, to enlarge, to play with a concept the way some do Legos. I also know the downside of doing something new. It can be very intimidating. Do you know those two emotions really come from the spot. What terrifies some of us, thrills others. Think skydiving, river rafting, investing,…

If we can turn that fear around into excitement and anticipation we can conquer a lot more!

I am not saying there is nothing to fear or that we have a risk to calculate. There are real dangers we face.  If we are camping in the woods we may upset a bear, step on a snake, or…have an incredible time!

I’ve spent far too much time worrying about the bears and snakes of life.

I remember reading about Smith Wigglesworth—correct me if I am wrong here. He had an encounter one night whereas the devil sat down on his bed as he was sleeping. He awoke to see him and when he did, Smith said something like, “oh, it’s only you” and he went back to sleep.

I pray that someday my faith and courage would be as remarkable as that. I pray that it does for you as well. The thing is, as we walk forward with courageous living, day by day our faith and confidence can grow so that we are not daunted by every threat or perceived threat that comes our way.

One of the chapters in my book, Audacious Consulting’s Dream Launching Manual is, Taking Out the Trash Before the Trip. Some of you may need to do some sorting and trash hauling before you can fully move ahead with your vision. That’s okay!

The chapter in my book may help you take care of any issues standing in your way. Or, you may need someone to help you. Besides having a lot of practice hauling “garbage” I also have accumulated a formal education that has equipped me to offer a consulting-coaching hybrid–within a biblical framework.

My MA in Human Services: Executive Leadership came through the counseling department at LU. My BA in Christian Ministry is a culmination of Bible, human understanding, and strategic planning. Below I have parsed out my college education looking for the courses that support my ability to coach and to validate these statements thus giving you assurance of my qualifications. Please note that there are many excellent licensed counselors and therapists who can help people with mental health issues–my purpose is to help you process roadblocks and gain momentum.

Let me help you process roadblocks and gain momentum!~Annette Trucke

Call for scheduling and cost @ 541.953.0537.

I am a member of AACC. 


Pastoral Counseling & Human Understanding

Human Growth & Development*

Integration of Psychology & Theology*

Introduction to Human Services Counseling*

Studies in Interpersonal Communications*

Multicultural Issues in Human Services*

Team Leadership & Conflict Resolution *

Group Dynamics*

Pastoral Counseling

Life Transitions

Ministry Leadership

Ministry Integration

Women in Transition

Career & Life Planning

General Psychology (full year)

Intro to Sociology

Contemporary Racial & Ethnic Issues

Pastoral Task & Administrative Skills

Ministry Foundations

Effective Family Ministries

Christian Ministries Reading & Conference

Adult Development & Life Assessments

Biblical/Ministry Courses

Biblical Foundations of Leadership*

Spiritual Formation & Discipline




Old Testament Pentateuch

New Testament Reading & Conference

Business/Organization Launching Equipping

Mission, Vision & Strategic Planning *

The Life of Leaders*

Intro to Business


Co-op Business Management

Advertising & Marketing


Human Resource Management

Leadership & Team Dynamics

Hatch Business Incubator (certificate program)

Research Writing

Technical Writing

Composition Style & Argument

* Denotes MA level courses

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