Some of the work of Audacious Consulting…

Books are wonderful tools of communication. Here are some that have come through Audacious Consulting.

It all started with Elizabeth Thompson‘s book: Isaiah: Fearlessly Birthing Vision and then the companion book, Isaiah: Fearlessly Birthing Vision Vade Mecum .  Here is a picture of both of them on the shelf in a store. 2011

And the next book was written by Soorin Backer: The Women in Jesus’ Life. Here is a picture of the cover. 2011

Following Elizabeth and Soorin I personally felt the need to write a book to help others process their God-inspired dreams. Here is my (Annette Trucke) Audacious Consulting’s Dream Launching Manual. 2012

New cover! Released October 23, 2012

Elizabeth Thompson had another message to share with: Ignite My Fire, Lord! 2012

And the latest one coming off the press is Tom Gregersen’s, My Heart Longs To Be Loved. 2012

Are there more books in the works? Absolutely! I know of four at the time that will be added to this list in a period of time. How about you? Do you need help taking your dreams and turning them into a reality? Do you have a book in your heart, a notebook, or on the computer but you don’t know which way to turn with it? Call me or email me and let’s talk.

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