Courage & Vulnerability

Are you ready to move forward with your dream? You are going to need a to recognize two ever-present companions as you take the next steps following your dream.

Courage–you’ll need it! Not fearlessness, but moving ahead in spite of fears–though fearing less, sure is the goal!
Vulnerability–as you move into new things you have the issues of rejection and judgements, you’ll feel exposed–you and your work: do it anyway!
Can you do it? Of course! Just realize that these are a couple of conditions you will be dealing with and it is all part of the course.

How can Audacious Consulting & Media help you?

What areas have been holding you back? Do they fall into one of those categories?

Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

I received an email last week which gave me pause. As you step out to plan and implement your dreams—whatever they are, each element lends to the big picture—the dream!  Like a jigsaw puzzle.  jigsaw

The necessity of writing your vision cannot be overstated. The main reason is that it makes you clearly define what you are aiming for and how that will come about.  Likewise, a website will also bring clarity as you define what it is you want to communicate or offer to the public.

Thanks for the email, Scott!

  “Sitting here tonight, working on the back end of the website… I am thankful.  I am thankful for you and Jaklyn helping me put this together.

 As I go through the learning curve, learn the site and see it unfold into what I had envisioned—it gives me the goose bumps.

 Now, more than ever, I can see the bigger picture coming together.

 Thank you, thank you… thank you.”  ~Scott