A Million Steps

May I challenge you to a million steps?

Will you be moved by my provocation?

Or, simply sigh and say, “I have done that countless times!”

The fact is, most of us have. We just weren’t counting, though. And…we didn’t do it all in one very long walk!

An average million steps is approximately 500 miles. Some of you have done it by simply every day life, and over a  course of a few years: you have your million steps. Others are on their feet all day working, and others do a daily walk or hike–and just live life in motion and they may have their million a little faster.

We do get our million steps in. I have a few times over as one who has been a walker and hiker for years.

But, if I were to have asked you to sign a pledge and get it done via commitment, would you be more or less likely to get in the 500 miles and accomplish the million step challenge?

Every goal needs a workable deadline. Yes, it can be readjusted with major life changes or re-worked to accommodate days where we make other choices–like double-timing it the next day.

To succeed at reaching our desired and needed goals, how about setting yourself up with a deadline. I used to think I was so undisciplined that the only way I could get something done was by having a crunch time: a deadline with an “or-else” factor.

The issue wasn’t that I was undisciplined–though that may be the case, but rather it is a means to work with my personality type. There really should never be guilt in learning to work within our style. We do well to understand how to work with ourselves, like learning how to work with a busy four year old. Understanding, techniques, and loads of grace should be lent towards ourselves as we bite off big challenges. There is no harm in going for the ascent up the mountain!

Tell me, where is your mountain, what does it look like, and when will you climb it? If you want to walk in the daylight there are only so many hours till sunset.

There is your deadline: sunset.

sunset photo

Are You Afraid Your Phone is Smarter Than You Are?


Are you afraid your phone is smarter than you are? I am–but I respect its “intelligence.” I have been thinking over the last week about the need to keep encouraging people to not be intimidated–no digging in your heels and screaming, “I won’t be bothered” or “I can’t do it” about new technology. I admit, there are days that the fluidity and vastness of technology intimidates the heck out of me. But, overall, I don’t throw in the towel.

What technology is intimidating you? Some things are hard to learn. Yet, if you allow yourself time to learn new things and if you refuse to give in or give up–you can do more than you think.

And, this leads me to sharing this blog written by my daughter, Jaklyn. You see, my parents are in the older set. My dad will be 91 this year, and my mom 90. Yet…(read Jaklyn’s blog)  Five Minutes of Fame in Canada 

Oh, and by the way, I am currently readying for publishing a book written by a woman who is 96! She wrote the book last year at the younger age of 95! No excuses, no fears! That one’s for free!