Are You Afraid Your Phone is Smarter Than You Are?


Are you afraid your phone is smarter than you are? I am–but I respect its “intelligence.” I have been thinking over the last week about the need to keep encouraging people to not be intimidated–no digging in your heels and screaming, “I won’t be bothered” or “I can’t do it” about new technology. I admit, there are days that the fluidity and vastness of technology intimidates the heck out of me. But, overall, I don’t throw in the towel.

What technology is intimidating you? Some things are hard to learn. Yet, if you allow yourself time to learn new things and if you refuse to give in or give up–you can do more than you think.

And, this leads me to sharing this blog written by my daughter, Jaklyn. You see, my parents are in the older set. My dad will be 91 this year, and my mom 90. Yet…(read Jaklyn’s blog)  Five Minutes of Fame in Canada 

Oh, and by the way, I am currently readying for publishing a book written by a woman who is 96! She wrote the book last year at the younger age of 95! No excuses, no fears! That one’s for free!

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