Bold as a Lion

I was just about ready to turn my car off and I reached over to the volume on the radio and turned it up to see if it was on—don’t ask, I don’t know why, I just did it. And in that moment I heard the beginning and ending of a familiar scripture, “The righteous are bold as lions.” It’s from the latter half of Proverbs 28:1. I turned off the car and went up the driveway with a bit more boldness. I have been mindful of this scripture all day, sharing it with one friend, letting God’s Word embolden me.

Many of you have things that you need to have boldness, or rather confidence, God-confidence to accomplish.

Are lions afraid? I can’t picture them being so.  I am not a big cat expert—nor domestic cats for that matter, but I think they are gutsy creatures. Aren’t they?

I hope this speaks to you like it has me, presently and in the past—heads up, smiles on, we can do this thing—whatever it is requiring some courage and confidence. I know I have a list of things that will benefit by taking the character of the “boldness of a lion.” Of course I don’t need all the characteristics of a lion, but bold confidence to face life and all of its challenges, ya, I need that. 

Lion Panthera_leo_stretching_(Etosha,_2012)Photo Credit: 


Panthera leo stretching (Etosha, 2012) CC BY-SA 3.0

Yathin S Krishnappa