“Directionally Correct–but not Perfect”

Rocket NASA 115101main_top101deltaThis is one post that is basically a re-blog by Jessica Stillman of INC. One line caught me and I have to run with it a bit and of course leave you with the link for her complete blog.

She said in reference to those resistant to change that, as we all know, may be an issue of perfectionism. Her words of encouragement and her directive for those people in her business (organization, family also come to mind). They are:

“…the goal is ‘directionally correct’ but not ‘perfect.’” 

We often know which direction we need to be headed in, right? But do we have our game plan perfected? Not usually. Of course if we were going to launch a rocket of some sort then we better be going into analytical-overtime and perfection would be the goal. Yet, if in less extraordinary events we need to move in the direction and define and refine as we move forward–it’s okay to so and even divert ourselves from getting stuck in a degree of immobility caused by perfectionism. 

Don’t wait for perfection to hit. Just stay “directionally correct”.  Let the need for perfectionism fall by the wayside as a goal–but not, THEE GOAL. 


Audacious Consulting’s Dream Launching Manual and Consulting Services

Are you one who has a dream or a passionate endeavor that keeps tugging at you for attention? Possibly you are in need of a bit of help defining your specific endeavor and/or the route which will taking you to the realization of your dream?  Maybe you are already into the development of your dream, I mean, all the way up to your neck and you need some clarity–maybe even a life-preserver?

My “dream” of helping you develop your dream, birthed a personable and  interactive manual to assist you in deciding the plausibility and timing of your vision.  There is no reason not to test out a dream by taking a good, prayerful look at it. It’s a better use of time than most entertainment, that’s for sure. Your dream may very well be a God-inspired dream that is tailor-made for you to do!  My soon-to-be-released book, Audacious Consulting’s Dream Launching Manual©has the following sections which are listed below inclusive of an excerpt from each section.

Audacious Consulting’s Dream Launching Manual©


“Everything starts with a dream or an idea that has had to be developed.”


“I believe that there is something in all of us that compels us to aspire to greater heights…we are made in the imago Dei—the image of God, the Creator.”

Section 1: Points To Ponder

“We all waddle around. We carry something in us. We want to birth it, but, we don’t know how. For men or those who have never given birth to a child this may be a stretcher for the imagination…”

Section 2: The Purpose Of This Manual  

“This manual is to be used as a tool which will provoke you to think deeply about your dream and intentions.”

Section 3: Discernment: Is This Dream Right For You, Right Now?

“Okay, let me be honest and forthright here. Sometimes people get a dream that is simply an idea, maybe even a great idea—but it isn’t necessarily for them to run with.”

Section 4: Write The Vision

“…wisdom says that we need to do the work, lay the plan, and then trust the Holy Spirit to guide us forward. This is just like building a house. You don’t start with a pile of unmeasured lumber, a nail gun, a bag of cement, and expect to build a house because God is leading you to do so. Yes, God may very well be leading you to build a home but blue prints, permits, materials, and skills are also involved. Don’t be naïve here.”

Section 5: Motives & Expectations

“There is nothing wrong with aspiring to roles of leadership and influence. There is nothing wrong with the desire to earn money to provide for yourself, family, and for His Kingdom work.”

Section 6: Your Support System

“There are times we must move counter to the masses. In fact, it’s rather common for a lot of us. Yet, to ascend on a venture or an adventure completely on your own, is treacherous. A support system is essential.”

Section 7: Time & Money & Counting The Costs

“There are two types of budgeting to be considered here. How in-depth you need to go depends on your particular dream, but both must be considered.”

Section 8: Where Do You Stand With Technology?

“This area is so important. We are living at warp speed and things are moving quickly in technology. How we live and relate as humans, personally and in business, changes constantly.”

Section 9: Marketing And Self-Promotion

“Even if you have a marketing person, a publicist, a media handler, or others at your service you are the one who must present your concept without flinching anytime you get the opportunity given to you. “

Section 10: Business Network & Organizations

“We can genuinely encourage others by taking time to understand what their passion or project is. We may not need the product or service but someone in our realm of relationships may. This is not usury—this is friendship, business, and community.”

Section 11: Big Hairy Scary Fears

“Fear is going to be the biggest bugger for most of us, fear of failure and the fear of what people will think as you step out.”

Section 12: Perfectionism & Excellence & The Big Difference 

“Perfectionism is a double-edged sword. Yes, we certainly need to do things with excellence but if we wait until we feel qualified in every area before doing something (or anything) then we may never even take baby-steps toward our destination.”

Section 13: SWOT Analysis

“A SWOT analysis will help you to look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to a concept or model.”

Section 14: Timeline & Target Dates

“Targets and goals give us means to measure our progress.”

Section 15: Taking Out The Trash Before The Trip

“Taking the trash out is a nuisance and it smells. But it is necessary so that our “homes” don’t smell or grow toxic or attract vermin. Do you see where I am going with this? The home is not a house. The “home” is our “self”—you know, the one that has some issues?

Section 16: Problems To Solve—Issues To Tackle–Things to Learn 

“A problem that may need a solution may be to set working hours and navigate childcare issue. Or, it could be an area such as organizational issues that give you more time and freedom to pursue this dream. An issue to tackle may be to get you up to speed in technology.”

Section 17: Prayer Journey & God’s Answers

“This section is the most important issue of all. The reason it is in the back is so that the manual could have several pages for journaling without distracting from the manual layout. “

Epilogue & Audacious Consulting Info

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