Because Branding Isn’t Just for Businesses

Think of one iconic brand and consider all of the words that come to mind as you are considering it. That brand, whether it is a store, service, nonprofit or ministry, etcetera should all have one core mission/goal and everything should stem from it. Branding includes everything from the obvious logo and taglines to congruentContinue reading “Because Branding Isn’t Just for Businesses”

Stirring the Waters

Untangling things is not a favorite activity of mine. Cords, Christmas lights, nets, shoelaces, hoses–none are better from my touch. Just look at my vacuum and you will understand. Yet, writing is a process of untangling thoughts, concepts, revelations which I actually enjoy, though, it can be frustrating and time-consuming; it would be easier toContinue reading “Stirring the Waters”