A Tonya Harding Move=Cheap Shots at Our Passions

[This was a staff encouragement that I wrote in 2008. I wrote them weekly to draw the staff to our common purpose. I just ran across this one and I thought that it may be a good reminder for those who have taken a hit directed at the very thing that God has designed themContinue reading “A Tonya Harding Move=Cheap Shots at Our Passions”

For You Speedy Readers~

If you would like to give some feedback on Audacious Consulting’s Dream Launching Manual here is a SUPER SHORT set of questions: https://www.createspace.com/Preview/1106068 And if you like to write, Amazon.com reviews are always good to have–well, that’s not true, they may be bad–anyway, write a review if you have a moment and let the publicContinue reading “For You Speedy Readers~”