A Tonya Harding Move=Cheap Shots at Our Passions

[This was a staff encouragement that I wrote in 2008. I wrote them weekly to draw the staff to our common purpose. I just ran across this one and I thought that it may be a good reminder for those who have taken a hit directed at the very thing that God has designed them to do.]

I read an editorial the other day that contained a phrase that keeps popping back into my mind. It was a politically motivated piece that was speaking about someone (or a certain political group) doing a “Tonya Harding move.” We all know the tragic story that brought down both of the potential future Olympic hopefuls: Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding. Nancy was brought down literally by her rivals plot and attacker and Tonya was brought down by her own deviant actions.

I have mulled over the question of what is a “Tonya Harding move?” In simple thought and easy language, it is a cheap, very cheap shot at an unprepared opponent or rival.

Like it or not we all have rivals. Some good-natured rivalries are fine. Others can be motivated by someone’s lack of understanding, and some are down-right mean-spirited hearts. We all have an enemy that has legions of helpers waiting to pull cheap shots on any of us who are unsuspecting. The Scripture says that, “Satan roams around like a lion seeking to devour who he may” (1 Peter 5:8).

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be eaten by the enemy. I think that he has chewed on me far too many times! I am sick to death of his fangs biting into my backside. The problem is that my eyesight is often dull and not as keen as the ever-lurking enemy. It would seem that our enemy has the upper hand.  But he doesn’t. We are more than conquers in Christ. When we are clothed in Christ, and when we have our armor on, we are covered and protected (Ephesians 6:11).

The enemy will assault us if given half of a chance. He will take his baseball bat and swing for that which is our passion and purpose in life. He will come against us as individuals and corporately. The question is how, when, or where? We know the why.

Where then should we most expect him to hit? For Nancy Kerrigan it was her strong legs which supported her body enabling her to do amazing and beautiful ice skating. For us the hits will come at what holds us and what makes us beautiful and full of purpose.

[In this part I wrote specific to the organization therefore I have omitted part of the original letter.]

So, the ugly part of life involves nasty assaults at times from our enemy. Expect those attempts and trust God to circumvent them. Feel God’s tug as he pulls you out of harm’s way. He does that you know—all the time.

Let’s remember to “Draw close to God and he will draw near to you” (James 4:8). His eyesight is not dull and His ways will keep us. And if the enemy pulls a “Tonya Harding move” God will handle things for us, in that we can depend.

3 thoughts on “A Tonya Harding Move=Cheap Shots at Our Passions

  1. A couple of things. 1) I needed to hear that, again, right now. 2) 20/20 hind sight is amazing. Thanks, my friend. Your gift of writing and insight astound me every time.

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