It’s Jack’s Turn!

Sometimes things are long overdue. Jack has been shooting photos, film, video, as well as editing and animating practically all his life. I would estimate the hours he has spent comprise years worth of work.  And a huge portion has only been seen by him!  So, with a push and a little hand-holding I persuaded my husband into taking one of the gallery’s months to show a bit of what Jack “sees” and does! What he calls–Shooting the Mind’s Eye!


It’s Jack’s turn! And finally the public’s turn to see a sample of Jack Anderson’s still photos.

jack art bio photoLast summer my friends opened an awesome new eatery in one of the trendiest areas of Lane County: Downtown Springfield.

When I first saw the walls in the then soon-to-be-opened, Cheesesteak NW (all super yummy, organic and fresh regional foods) I knew the walls begged for artwork and artists shows!

Time passes, we eat scrumptious foods and the walls still call out to me! I asked the owner, Teri and she talked to her husband, Steve. The consensus was, “Yes, wonderful, but we are too busy.” That’s where I came in to help set it up and gather artists to run month long shows starting monthly on the 2nd Friday to be part of the Springfield Art Walk!

Come join us the evening of Friday, January 11th at Hope Gallery inside Cheesesteak NW! You may come and go as you please but–a word to the wise: come hungry and eat there!


Below is a hybrid bio-artist statement for Jack.  

Jack Eldon Anderson of Eugene, OR

“Shoot Your Mind’s Eye”

January 11th through February 7th, 2019

At “Hope Gallery” in Cheesesteak NW

521 Main Street, Springfield, OR 97477

Artist Statement

Imagine, an overly creative, energetic boy running around his Cal Young neighborhood of Eugene with eyes peeled for great shots or lined up through the lenses of cameras. Now morph several decades forward: add formal education, skills, experience, professional equipment, and like-minded creatives. Here we meet, Jack E Anderson!

Jack was inspired early on by his older brothers’ photography and creative pursuits. His brother Bill gave him his first quality camera—a 35 mm while in 7th grade. That camera had been a hand-me-down from their older brother Rob. They sparked and ignited Jack’s exploration of the arts. His parents, seeing his passion for film and animation encouraged and supported his endeavors, building animation sets, loaned him a movie camera, and provided endless space and time for him to edit film—and then searching out the best college for him (Cal Arts).

“Shoot Your Mind’s Eye” was primarily shot with an iPhone 7. With the quality of the camera on the phone and the easy accessibility for use, Jack captures intrigue and beauty wherever he goes! With years of experience he “senses” the compelling nature of the shot’s composition and lighting, with the angles and perspectives at a seemingly innate level, taking what seems common or inanimate and bringing it to life.

It is Jack’s hope that he can inspire you to “push the button.” To take your cell phone (or camera) and create! “Shoot your mind’s eye!”

See more of Jack’s work and ways to purchase prints at


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