The Orphan No More

I’ve never shared any poetry I’ve written in my blogs. I try to keep on motivational and inspirational point. Yet this week I break cadence to share a fresh poem.

(I’m sure this can use refinement. God woke me up with this at 4 AM, knowing it’s for me and others, I boldly, because that’s what it takes, share it.)

The Orphan Who Never Was

She wanders, he wanders




For home

Where do I belong?

To whom do I belong?


She wanders, he wanders


Am I loveable?

Do I have value?

Pick me up

Hold me

Tell me you love me

Be my all
She wanders, he wanders


Where can I rest my head?

Upon who may I lean?

Who will feed me?

Cover me?

Teach me?
She wanders, he wanders

God calls

Dear child of Mine

I Am the One

I will be your home

Your place to rest

Your anchor

Insecurities met

Lean in, learn from Me

Eat from My hand

Wear My garments
She wanders, he wanders


How can this be?

How can the God of the universe

Adopt me?

Love me?

Give me His


His Words?

His traits?

My future He secures

My child, never an orphan

Look no further

Search no other

Wander no more

Perception was off

Compass malaligned

Reality check

You are Mine

One fell swoop

You’ve heard Me

My heart

My Name

No longer felt unmet

The orphan who never was.
The orphan spirit is a lie from the enemy that pushes one to pursue love, value, and validation from others in a way which only leads to false securities and rejections. God offers to be our true, One and Only home.
Like me, you may have lost your spouse through various means, your mom, dad, brother, sister, your precious child, home, friends, pet, place and roles in life–your way, or you may have been affected by unmet needs and pain early on in life.
He wants us to know, He, the Great I Am has adopted us from before we were even yet born. He called us by Name and gave us His all. Jesus, came to call us home while on earth, to God with us–Emmanuel. We are never alone.
Take your place, dear Orphan Who Never Was.


 Annette Trucke

August 31, 2016

Photos:Annette Trucke, rights reserved.

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