I Am Like the Intestines Revelation–How About You?

It’s not every day that I stop to write about intestines. I don’t even like the sound of the word “intestines.” Gross. It has no beauty or any way to nuance it.

Yet, as I was reading a powerful message this morning the thought came to me that I am just like the intestinal track. Say what?

It certainly gave me pause. What an odd thought—and an ugly word. The article I was reading had not a thing to do with intestines. Besides, I want to be more flowers—not something that’s end result comes out as even a less flowery word.

Then I considered what the main purposes are of the intestines. They take all of the nutrients and fuel our bodies, expelling the rest. Pause. They are vital organs that the body must have. I Googled and looked at photos and read more at this point.

I have an issue with sharing. It’s a good thing and a bad thing. Almost as soon as I read something in a book that is of value or pull something online into my mind, as soon as I am blessed with anything I am tempted to quickly share–not just in the Facebook kind of way. If I can build someone up or enrich their life—I want to do it. Not always, but it seems a very natural and compelling way I function. I am sure this function can probably be annoying at times…

Function. Now function is a word that goes with intestines. A healthy intestinal tract is on the move and doing its duty.

Maybe I will go along with this morning’s thoughts. Maybe I will humble myself enough to say, “Gee, I am like the intestines! How lovely! What a compliment from God or this creative brain.” INT

Possibly I will be so bold as to even say that though we all can’t be intestines all the time, we can be often. What nutrition are you grabbing out of the “foods” that come your way today? Can it fuel your body and fuel the Body with nutrients? And how about the expelling? Are you letting yourself expel the rest? Backed up bowels lead to serious issues, you know?

And quite possibly, as you consider the intestines you will remember me for a while. My face will pop to mind. I will embrace that if the message I got—and gave today functioned properly.

Point proven. I had to think about intestines and now you do too.

One thought on “I Am Like the Intestines Revelation–How About You?

  1. What a great analogy! So thought provoking. Yet another reminder that God isn’t interested in the glamour of our lives. He wants real and honest and good. Thanks for being brave enough to write and share.

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