Transformative Power of the Written Word

I wanted to say something about the value of books and written words the other day and then I spotted a blog I had written in February of 2014. It is below the photo of the books, below. I wanted to remind people to hang on to precious notes, letters, and cards they receive. It is the one thing that I really try to hold onto. I have a treasure of birthday cards and note cards from my mom who passed away a few months ago. I tied a ribbon around them and I have them with a photo of her. In those notes are precious words. Words that my mom might not be able to say in person but she could write them to me on my birthday card.

Words are used to build up and tear down, to entertain and inspire, to equip, instruct, create, and to destroy.

I have been challenging some friends lately about writing. Don’t wait until you feel like you are 100% ready to share your words or writing. You may have something to say that someone needs to hear or read. Just do it. ~Annette 11/22/15


Written word versus the spoken word: both are powerful, of course. To hear the voice of a loved one speak words of affection may trump a written note doing the same. It may, or may not. Words are powerful no matter how they are delivered.

I am in possession of a fresh revelation of the power of the written word. Please indulge me; I need to share it.

Sometimes we are not next to skin that we can dialogue with. Sometimes we are alone. Alone. Last night as I was rising back up from the proverbial ashes I reached over to the side of my desk and popped open a book that I have been meaning to return to friends–for a longtime. I know it must be special to them by the amount of love it had in it—red pencils, notes, highlighter, dates, underlines and wrap-arounds of the text. I had opened it looking for something—hope maybe? As my eyes hit the text I realized I had struck gold in the form of truth, hope, and direction. Boom, I had it! The portion of the book was about trust. It was written by Ron Mehl*—who, if you know his story, understands trust in the tough times.

Mehl’s book spoke to me when I was alone. It transformed my thinking and my emotions. It changed my perspective—I could see down a straight path, well lit.

This morning I had a conference call. There ended up being only two of us on the line, instead of the normal several. The voice on the other end of the line had just published a book. The title, Overcoming the Enemy’s Storms: Finding Healing Through the Grace of God, by Diane Gardner*.  Her memoirs wrapped around the theme of the enemies strategies. I asked her about it. Hearing just part of her story leads me to be confident that the book will be transformational to many.

Books transform.

Lately I have been on a much-needed fiction kick. When I am alone I get to grab my book and fall into a story—one without dishes calling me to wash them or deeper problems taunting me. As I read I feel enriched. My countenance and vocabulary seem richer when I pause or when I am done reading. I go to another world as a reader, an observer of lives, enjoying plot and characters, and the cadence of well written words.

Good fiction is transformative.

Have you read any poetry lately? Talk about heightened appreciation of words—packed in smaller valuable packages.

Poetry transforms.

Though one of the legs of my business helps authors to publish I can say with honesty that I am not blogging today to package content to elicit business. I needed to write about the power of the written word because of the eye-opener I just had.

Do you have written words that need to be shared?

* Ron Mehl, The Cure for the Troubled Heart

* Diane Gardner, Overcoming the Enemy’s Storms: Finding Healing Through the Grace of God

2 thoughts on “Transformative Power of the Written Word

  1. Yes, the wonderful power of written and spoken words. It makes me ponder on The Word that became Life. Jesus is The Word and The Word is so alive, powerful, and consuming. My prayer is that I will discover more of His power as I read, worship, and seek The Word.

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