Retrofit Timing and Location, Location, Location

Recently, I read with interest an article in the Register Guard about a local businessmen purchasing a large building that had at one time been a planing mill. After his extensive retrofit it now is a very in-trend event center, which is already easily booking up. 

You can read the aforementioned story in the hyper-link above but what I would like to point out is the timing. Only in the last few years has the neighborhood of this establishment become a destination spot to a variety of eateries, pubs, breweries, bakeries, etc. Just a few years ago it was not an area to build in nor to expect people to want to do much business in. But the timing and the needs of the community both suggest that it is the perfect time to establish this event center.

Now, let’s change directions and think about you…

A quick query for you: Designing a retrofit according to God’s specs and your heart’s desires–what would that look like for you? What would need to be removed? And what would need to be prepared,  finished,  and ready for use? Are any new things happening in your life or being stirred up to ready you for a retrofit? Imagine an existing building getting a redo to better equip it for its new purposes. These are constants, always worth the ponder. 

Here is a real stretch of a retrofit–a Boeing 747 as the top of the water slide!


Photo: Evergreen Museum Campus


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