God’s Calling Feathers

When I tell you this you must know that I am not exaggerating my story. For the last month or so when I go out for a walk I find feathers. It is a daily occurrence with rare exceptions right now. I walk often with little people and we find feathers without looking for them. I have not been on a hunt to find them, but there they are–again and again.


This morning after dropping my son at school I made a quick stop. I was watching my step because some the water on the pavement was mucky. And there again was a feather. I almost turned to take it but I felt silly as an adult in a parking lot plucking a feather from the asphalt. But often I (we) do pick up the feathers and I get to talk to my grandsons about how God is leaving them to remind us of two things: He says that He will cover (shelter) us under His wings in Psalm 91 and how in 1 Kings 17 Elijah is fed by the ravens. And I tell them that God loves us so much that He leaves us feathers to remind us of His love. I love these times.

These scriptures are life to me and those feathers haven’t just fallen to the ground haphazardly. God leaves them for me, for us, as a reminder that He is our covering and that He will provide.

The truth is I need covering all the time. I am not “self-made” in any form of the word. I live by God’s grace and His hand of protection. Being widowed left me unprepared for being the sole provider for myself and family. I’m not great at being on my own that way. Most of the time I liked being married!

We didn’t have insurance to set me up for any amount of time after my husband passed away. I quickly found the need to try and make it. I had to. But I realized that following the path that I firmly felt God leading me brought a level of uncertainty in the natural. A high level. As I attempted to abandon the dreams and be open to finding other options for a steady-let’s-count-on-it-income, things didn’t pan out. Instead of God (and me) making and taking an easier path, He has given me “hinds feet and sets me in high places” (Psalm 91). I doubt I would have chosen this mountain climbing path on my own but it is what God has given me to do.

And speaking on what God has given me to do, what about you? Does He have you on a path which is not what you had in mind for your life? You may be in a spot where your vision and the vision He has given you seems to be too big, too hard, to barren. But really, read the stories of those who have gone before us in the faith. How many had such paths?

We are all works in progress. Thankfully life gives us plenty of opportunities to grow. We get to choose our responses to our circumstances. As one who trusts the Word of God I have a foundation that leads me to make many decisions. And thankfully, my best friend is undoubtedly the Holy Spirit. I trust Him more than I trust myself.  I can count on Him. If I make mistakes He covers me. If I can’t do something myself He brings the provisions I need–whether an encouragement, an opportunity, or a feather to remind me that He is faithful. 

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