#BEMORE: 77 Secrets To Your Powerful Life!

If you haven’t heard thunder this book is causing, then take a moment to read my short review of #BEMORE: 77 Secrets to Your Powerful Life by Sandi Krakowski–rock star of social media/media with a reach of well over a million the contents of this book will cause major movement!
And, I would really appreciate a share of this blog–sometimes we just need to ask. 🙂

Annette Trucke

It’s a book but it is also a movement…seriously it is.


#BeMore: 77 Secrets to Your Powerful Life, by Sandi Krakowski, compels us (the reader) to align our thinking with God’s thoughts for us and get going, and keep pushing through!  I need to hear this content repeatedly, like #9 which powerfully instructs us, Shut Out The Devil’s Chatter (by being more impressed with our Powerful God!)

I usually prefer a book in hand compared to a Kindle version–but I couldn’t wait for my book version of, #BeMore: 77 Secrets to Your Powerful Life to arrive. Ordering the digital book worked out perfectly—I even got to read it in the dentist chair today and while waiting for a friend at Starbucks yesterday. I am correcting and creating my future as I read it.

Every truth in the book is so readily applicable, so positive, so God-is-big-enough-to-help-you-do-it!  Sandi reminds…

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