If You Get the Answer Wrong–You’ll Miss Out!

What does social “networking” mean to you? This is a very important question because if you have the answer skewed you will either offend people left and right, thus missing your purpose or, you will miss amazing opportunities for yourself and others.

On the negative side, have you ever had people see you as a target or a rung on a ladder? It doesn’t feel so good to be used, right? Yet, how do we accomplish expanding our brand, or our mission without using people?

Annette Trucke
Annette Trucke

I know two (beautiful) ladies that wherever they go they actively and cognitively are looking for people whom they may help. They do this by the leading of the Holy Spirit and their own natural gifting—and they do so as a team. They remind me of the scripture that says, “the eyes of the Lord search to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support them who heart is towards Him” (2 Chronicles 16:9—paraphrased). They do this through word, prayers, deeds, concept, or connections.  They purpose to help others get to where they need and want to be. I will call them L & R. I so admire both of them!

These two women have networking right! Whether in an official networking group or chatting with a bunch of new friends standing in line at Starbucks, they have learned that networking should be about what I can do for you—not just, what can you do for me?

There are others, many others that are like these women and I have had the wonderful pleasure of getting to know so many of them in organizations that could easily turn to the “what can you do for me” only groups. You the reader may very well be one of those amazing people looking for ways to help people.

Of course we all need good connections for our businesses or organizations so that they may prosper. We need them as we launch out into new areas in life—and it is good to want to make those connections—the kind that will point you or connect you to the right people and the good routes to take.  We should want that and we should pray for those connections. Yet, there is a natural and spiritual reciprocal response as well when we learn how to live like R & L. That attitude of, “How can I help you?” will come back on you as a blessing and answers for your own life, left and right.

Today is our monthly Eugene area Christian Chamber of Commerce Northwest luncheon. We go there to get better professional equipping and to “network.”  I would like to challenge all of us to take up the mind-set of R & L and truly listen and watch for opportunities for others. I promise that for every door you open for someone else one (or more) will be opened for you! And…God will be honored by this unselfish way of living as well.

How can I help you?

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