The Whole Enchilada

enchiladaAttention: Do not wait for the perfect timing! Yes, there is a time for everything; you may not be in the season of time for the “whole enchilada”—but what part of your dream can you pursue?

With everything we do there are stages and processes—even making enchiladas.

Upgrade skills.

Make connections.

And off you go, readjusting as needed and moving closer to your dream.

The thing is this: it is not only about the end results, it is about the process and what is forged in it and the joy that comes forth from pursuing it.

Here is an experiment for you. In conversations with people over the next week, see what ideas and concepts light up their body language and spark the conversation. There are things people are so passionate about—and geared to do.

Encourage people to make their “enchiladas,” even if they have to grow the corn, the beans, buy a cow for the dairy products, etc. for the long-haul process. Or maybe they can just go on to Pinterest and look at enchilada photos and recipes. If they are passionate about “enchiladas” they should be somewhere in the process—right?

What is your “enchilada?”

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