Audacious Radio Live! from NY, Sharon Kon!

Here is a recording of Audacious Radio Live! from NY, Thursday, May 29th’s with Sharon Kon, Producer/Director talking about her latest film project–The Father’s Love. Sharon has an amazing, wow-God! story to share, plus she shared about what it is like to be in the film industry in NY.

***There is a technical issue right after the immediate intro. For the best results please just start the show at 4 minutes with Sharon’s bio.*** 

The Show:

Enjoy the show and check out Sharon’s latest movie project at Also, go to for screening details and to see how Tugg works, hit the blue tab up on the right, titled: How Tugg Works.

Sharon Kon, Producer/Director: The Father's Love
Sharon Kon, Producer/Director:
The Father’s Love

For future Audacious Radio Live! listening go to: every Thursday at 10 AM Pacific Coast Time for the live show or to download previous shows.

Audacious Radio Live! is about talking with people about their dreams and endeavors–and the process!

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