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I am excited for this book to be released for several reasons. One, it is honoring, honest, and skillfully written. But, secondly, we all lose loved ones and suffer this crazy, unpredictable thing called grief. There really isn’t a five step process all neatly packaged for people to use as a road map. Life has changed and we don’t like it. Yet, like all of life, there are redeeming factors and much to be thankful for during the process. This is what you will see in the book, raw footage of some of the process. 

When people lose a loved one they don’t usually need a how-to book but rather books that give hope but admit to the harshness of the new reality without their loved one. They learn they are not alone, that life and death is messy, but, there is beauty and hope yet to be found. 

I encourage you to follow Jaklyn’s  blog (entertaining, funny, provoking) and order her book when it is released–hopefully by Father’s Day 2014, as she plans.

Life As I Pretend To Know It

After two years in the making, I’m happy to announce that the finish line is in sight! I can barely contain my excitement knowing that the publishing date will be announced shortly.

After months of writing, editing and more writing, I truly cannot wait to share these stories with you. They’re from my heart, from my life. They’re moments of pain and moments of hope.

In creating this book I hoped to give proof to others that, even the weakest of us can walk through the toughest of times, with help from others and with love.

Very Much Love.

Very Much Love by Jaklyn Larsen, coming soon! Very Much Love by Jaklyn Larsen, coming soon!

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