Pickles is the subject. Not, pickles are the subject.

Pickles is a cat and the main character in a book that I have read many times. I’ve read it with the kids, of course. Though to be honest I always feel a connection to the content: it resonates. Pickles resonates. And…I don’t particularly love cats.

Pickles was a cat that lived in a vacant lot and got into a lot of trouble. A very kind lady decided that she should bring the cat into her apartment and give him a good life. Pickles appreciated the effort but he had a problem. He wanted back out into the expanse of the big world. The kind lady understood that Pickles had big paws and had some big things to do. pickles

The apartment had everything Pickles needed, even a view of the vacant lot. But he had big paws and those big paws ended up helping him to do something heroic and thus his world expanded. (No spoiler alert needed here–I simply won’t tell!)

Do you wrestle with this concept? It is a perceived choice between comfort, stability vs. adventure and risk. Both paths require faith and confidence. Neither path is guaranteed, though one may very well be more so than the other.

Many moments in the day I want to live “inside the apartment” whereas most of the time the vacant lot calls to me. I’m sure this is a common quandary. Does a vacant lot call to you? What are your paws made to do?



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