What Are You Feeding Your Dream?


It seems that we all need to be reminded of somethings over and over again or maybe we just need to hear it from different voices. Below is an important reminder about realizing your dreams.

What are you feeding your dream?
You aren’t starving it are you? 

In our information age it is easy to access great information, and a lot of it for no charge. Of course there are books, publications, seminars, colleges, and web-based educational opportunities—and the list goes on of ways to learn and grow.

There are other ways we feed ourselves as well.  Chiefly by what we entertain in our mind and those we entertain in our physical presence. What we entertain will determine what we do—and especially what we think we can do—attitude and faith. Fear of failure or what others think can immobilize us. And who we entertain will, even subtly so, pressure us to go ways that are often counter to our dream or vision.

How about we fill up with good information that will equip us to move forward? And, how about we make sure to spend time with those who affirm who we are and what we are called to do? This doesn’t mean that everyone we around has to be your cheerleader and have 100% confidence that you can walk the tight rope over Niagara Falls. Others don’t always have that ability to believe along with us (maybe for some good reasonsJ), but, will they allow us to try by not scoffing?

Each of us should take some time everyday to educate and motivate ourselves towards our dream. We can acknowledge we aren’t where we need to be yet or, are not meant to be yet—but we can still prepare and indulge ourselves in the things that we are passionate about.

Even a quick stop to fuel up is beneficial. A mere measly five minutes per day spent soaking up a paragraph on your topic will add up to more than a couple of hours a month.

What fuels your vision and what would be good for it—and you?

And, did the cheeseburger and fries make you hungry? Just having some fun…

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