The Power and Delight of the Launch It! Group & Other Momentum Makers

Launch itThere are more ways than one to skin a cat, goes the tasteless old adage. And, there is more than one way for you to gain momentum moving in the direction that your dream is pointing you. We all learn and work differently and our schedules often times dictate which method will work for us. Considering what I am seeing, I believe that all three methods below work well but your personality type and lifestyle will resonate strongly with one more than the others.

Here are three ways to help you get rolling!

You may:

  1. Do it on your own by following the Audacious Consulting’s Dream Launching Manual which will help you to work through the process as well as provide solid support and inspiration.
  2. Let me come alongside you as a consultant–or coach. We can meet weekly or monthly or as needed.
  3. Be part of a Launch It! Group. This is a classroom  type of group where you will walk through the process with a group of people who are working towards a dream such as a business, a book, ministry, etc. We will have guest speakers and homework. Your  group will become part of a network of people who will support your endeavor. I have personally been involved with a similar group for my own business development. I did this after writing the manual and I discovered many things. Firstly, my book had all the same elements and even more than the class focused on but I had added in the spiritual and motivational elements that were not really part of my (very beneficial) class experience. I loved the interaction and the feedback that we gave one another. And when I was done with weekly classes, I wanted nothing but the best for my class colleagues and I looked for ways to tell people about them and their businesses–hence the network.

How can Audacious Consulting assist you? ~Annette

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