Happy 2013!

We are all stepping into a new year full of potential; I know that I am writing to people of vision, people with a mission waiting to spring into action. Am I right? Do you have a book? Are you daring to dream about putting your work out? Maybe your dream isn’t about writing but you need someone to help sifting out your ideas regarding a dream? The power of partnerships, of accountability, of coaching is a proven. And, if someone has blazed a trail for you then why not walk it? I have been cutting the trails to ready them for you!

As we travel into unknown new territories the obstacles, and perceived obstacles, are a plenty–but don’t let them stop you! Life is a challenge and you have conquered obstacles all of your life. That’s how life works. If you need help on your way, or getting started with a project, an idea, an existing quandary, give me a call! That’s what I am here for–to help you launch your dream!


Annette Trucke



P.S. My book, Audacious Consulting’s Dream Launching Manual is off of the “shelf” for an edit. It will be back on the market with a revised back cover and edits on the interior. You can find it on Amazon or Createspace through the links on this site by February 1st. 

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