ANTICIPATION: Isaiah 43:18-19 NLT  

Comfort. Complacency. Anticipation.  & Fear.   If you’re pressed to choose one of these four words, which will you choose?
As much as I can appreciate Comfort, it lacks risks and adventure. At times it is a condition to be embraced by a fleeces blanket, in front of a fireplace, in a snow-covered cabin, surrounded by two feet of freshly fallen snow, with a crust of ice atop. Comfort is also a need we have when life is harsh, plus a myriad of other things. Most love comfort. Just look around. It may be as simple as quality goods, or food that says, home. Of course, chocolate is in its own category.

Complacency is idle. A pause is good, but stagnation becomes a bore. It is a “less-than” state of being. It can lead to and fall despair or disrepair; lots of people choose this word, for safety-sake or because it takes to much effort to pitch forward. For periods of time, it is harmless.  

Fear attempts at every turn to be an ever-present, “best friend for life.” Fear has a high cost and is a consumer in every way. It’s needy of our time, attention, valuables, brain-space, etcetera.  Fear is to be despised and vanquished but it is so easy and readily available, we befriend it. Fear is a bully.  It hurts people, blocks their entrances in the present and futures.  Fear is a thief, a liar, a manipulator, and the root of more than most imagine.

Anticipation is expectant. It is not keeping you waiting but a very present force, as well. It runs around knowing something is unfolding. It can be used in negative ways, but our focus here disallows it. We are on the edgy, but hope-filled side of anticipation, here.  

Obviously, this is a silly choice to make, or, is it really something we do daily? We do make these choices.

I pick Anticipation because it is forward thinking. Anticipation makes plans and runs with them.

If one of these words were to become a friend, who will you purposefully befriend?

Dare to set out, to dream, to prepare, to anticipate a life bigger than yourself. There are things for you to think on, to establish, to be part of, and to impact others with.  Will you splash life and wonderment, safety and intelligence, things of substance and well-springs of joy and excitement, as well as things eternal, to do today, and benefit yourself and others in the future?

Presently, what are you anticipating and how does that contrast with the other three choices given?

Indulge yourself with time for applied focus to this word today and the days to come. Remember, the feelings associated with anticipation can feel like fear—don’t fall for it. Complacency is too idle. And comfort, have some, but don’t let it take up too much real-estate in your life.

Read Isaiah 43:18-19, Habakkuk 2:2-3, 2 Timothy 3:16-17.
(I recommend reading these scriptures in NLT for this encouragement.)

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