Structure VS Freedom

If my thoughts on “structure” and “freedom” as opposing forces were a stage in the building process, it would be a completed frame-in.

I love structure because without it chaos ensues.

I hate structure because rigidity robs freedoms.

The great tension whereas action and reaction meet, holding the other in place is the common quandary or question with every venture, or adventure.

Room for the unforeseen, unplanned, and wild are exciting aspects of life!

I like freedom but wisdom and life has taught me I have to have structures in place to think well, to work…to live in general.

Everything hangs on structure. Simply consider nature.

Days without the structure to lead and guide us result in to much wandering, unable to start, to work (or play). to complete projects.

Yet, many of us resist it–“Don’t hem me in!”

Others are so driven by detailed structure they are uncomfortable without it. Control may be lost.

We all “tick” differently to some degree.

2020 has been a unique time whereas the ways we have done things has been disrupted–to say the least. Things have fallen, some into chaos, some in to a life retrofit. We have had to “re”build, “re”adjust, “re”align, and all the other “re” words. We are “re”thinking and “re”acting to what life should and will look like in our futures. “Re.”

I had the impetus and desire to be part of the “re”construction stage. For a few years I have thought on how to incorporate consulting and outdoor time hiking or walking. Realizing the overwhelming evidences of the benefits of motion to gain general momentum, became my empetus. The current times spoke loudly that it was time to do it.

As I started thinking through what this group would have as takeaway I became very excited! The benefits, innumerable. Yet, how structured would I need to be to see them measurable benefits I desired for participants? I new I needed a solid framework but to add too much structure seemed counter to the freedom of being out in nature. My thoughts and prayers birthed the desire for a framed in structure, yet organic and free. TRAILHEAD.

And, I wanted God to have more than a hand in things. I could connect people, inspire, encourage, equip, spur on, but not like He can! And, guess what? TRAILHEAD has worked far better than I could have imagined. The connections, momentum, renewed energy, perseverance, joy, delight, dreams, visions, wonder, clarity, and so much more has poured out and forth!

Structure, the outline of our days and notions plays well with freedom! And it provides a place to propagate new growth, new life, even.

Do you run to structure or freedom first? How can you appreciate the tension between the two to gain momentum in various areas of life?

Thank you to those who have taken the TRAILHEAD 2020 Experience with me. The weekly focuses, the understanding what we already have to work with in our hands, reading the seasons we are in (as well as have been and entering into), regarding our unique expression as an asset, as we use it all to bridge build for ourselves and others in life–yet, we have only just begun!

(For you ladies who live in the Eugene, Oregon area contact me to see if the Summer 2020 is a good fit for you!

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