Courage. Who Needs It? 

Why does God tell us to take courage over and over in the Bible? 
I feel like scripting my shortest blog post ever and simply leaving you with that question.

But you know I can’t just walk away, though pondering on your own is very beneficial.  

He promises to be our shelter, our ever-present help in times of trouble, our comforter, leader, healer, providor…and so much more. His Word is full: bursting with promises.


Faith takes crazy courage, the kind a four-year old boy has when he believes he can wrestle his daddy, stand atop him, and proclaim kingship.

And courage is just as much a quiet faith, the kind possessed by perhaps an older couple, understanding each other simply by a glance. They know one another inside and out; they’ve walked through storms of sideways rain and danced in the sunrises–confident in love…

It takes both or a combo.

If our Triune God promises His love then He will love us like only Jesus can.

And if He says take courage, we should!

What are you afraid of? What’s holding you back?

Read Joshua, Ruth, Esther, or any other biblical figure’s account. Look around you and see the example of countless people who walk past fear to their destinations known and unknown, because they take courage with them. Let’s do the same!

3 thoughts on “Courage. Who Needs It? 

  1. I woke up to this encouraging post today. Thank you Annette. Fear can paralyze us but courage and faith sets us free. I have to keep my eyes on Jesus to battle fear. I have to stay focused on the promises and blessings through this journey in life.

  2. The shoe fits. Thanks for the reminder, Annette. What stands out to me is the word “take”. Take courage. OK. I will!

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