Where Does Your Strength Come From?

Today is my mom’s birthday: Olus Sylvia Starling Jeremiah. 

My mom was strong, independent in many ways, and largely kept a positive spin on life. She was the queen of biscuts and gravy–in ginormous cast iron skillets she lifted full like a champ. She reared 10 children, me as the last and I’m sure unexpected.
Losing so many important people in my life has forced me to be more strong and bold like my mom. Whereas in earlier day I used to call or lean on my mom or others, I’ve learned to appreciate certain aspects of going it alone (but not always) and doing hard stuff like in the photo. I’m still a mess in so many ways; I’d rather have my people but as I’ve said before, I carry them in who I am. 
It would have been good if I would have picked up more of their positive traits and knowledge but what is mine is mine and God knows all my deficits and covers me. 
In a few years, particularly the last, like a shotgun blast, loss has peppered my life yet God in His faithfulness has expanded and held friendships and relationships and given me places to restore my soul. My last hike pulled me up yet another slope I hadn’t done before, adding more inclined and perceived risk. 
My mom was one of the bravest people I know of. She had to be for myriads of reasons–all people, of course. And bravery was only one of her attributes with noting on this day. she had plenty. 
Happy Heaven Birthday, Mom! I miss you terribly. I doubt you’d get why I love to climb and hike but you’d love me anyway, or in spite of it.
Yes, that trail is steep but I won’t break my neck, Mom.
And the question I pose to you at this Thanksgiving time of year is: where does your strength come from? Give thanks. 

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